There are several national football teams in England

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4.England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.England is known as the “Three Lions”, a team familiar to fans. Scotland is second in strength to England.Wales, dark horses at Euro 2016, are also improving their football;Northern Ireland is less powerful.As the UK is separated in football, all four teams have the opportunity to participate in continental competitions such as the European Cup and The World Cup.The situation is similar to the relationship between the Chinese men’s soccer team and Hong Kong, Macau and Taipei.The England national team, known as the “Three Lions”, is the strongest of Britain’s four national teams and has won the World Cup.England has been a major player in world football since ancient times and is also the birthplace of the modern game.They have produced Alan Shearer, David Beckham, Michael Owen and Wayne Rooney.Scotland’s national team, led by Liverpool star Robertson, competed at Euro 2021.Although Celtic and Glasgow Rangers are regular European champions in the Scottish League, the Scottish national team is relatively weak and not a traditional strength.The Welsh national team is nicknamed the “Red Dragons”.Although Cardiff City, a Welsh club, competes in the Fa’s Championship, the Welsh national team can compete independently in continental competitions.In 2016, they dazzled many as dark horses.Wales has produced famous players such as Manchester United’s Ryan Giggs and Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale.Northern Ireland, the lesser of the Four English nations, is the weakest.He played in the Euro 2016 tournament.