Water Margin and workplace (65) Wu Song dang

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Last time we talked about Wu Song fighting tigers.Origin is good face do not want to go back, just met the tiger.However, good face people are generally more respectful.When a bunch of people thanked Wu Song for his tiger shooting, Wu Song was very polite.Wu Song thanked him: “It is not the boy’s ability, but the blessing and shade.”Waiting for the county to reward, Wu Song is also very beautiful work.Wu Song said, “The villain, relying on the blessing of Xianggong, accidentally killed this big worm. It’s not a villain’s ability, how dare you receive a reward?The little man heard that all the hunters, because of the bug was punished by the public, why not give the thousand guan to the people to use?”County magistrate: “since so, from the strong.”Wu Song then scattered the bounty among the hunters in the hall.I don’t have much ability, lucky kill tiger, all thanks to you.Don’t take credit, praise people.Men of merit are most easily envied.It’s easy to get annoyed when you’re proud of yourself.Put their posture low, the benefits to everyone, credit to get everyone’s real recognition.If we don’t say that we can’t run away from our achievements, we all see them in our eyes and remember them in our hearts.Prefectural magistrate sees him honest rende, have the heart to uplift him.He made Wu Song head of the infantry.If you want to realize your value, you must first be able to bring value to others.Ability is strong, character is good, met the magistrate of love ability, nature has a way out.Some people say that I am also capable, good character, very valuable, but the leader does not need me.And it’s not just two people saying this, it’s very common.I’ll tell you why.Just because you’re valuable doesn’t mean you’re valuable to your leader.Wang Jin, Lin Chong have the ability, in the eyes of high Qiu not as valuable as Lu Qian.Gao Qiu is a treasure there in Song Huizong, but Dong Jun and Xiao Su avoid it as much as possible.So when you don’t get what you want, think about whether you’re using the wrong force. The leader needs this, and you’re giving that.If you can’t give the leader what he wants, you’re with the wrong person.Let’s find someone else to follow.If you can’t, make an effort to practice what leaders need.If you can’t practice, you can’t learn, you can suck it up.The worst behavior is can’t give, can’t walk, can’t learn, but also grumble, complain about people.A dissatisfied woman is easily abandoned.Just because you’re valuable doesn’t mean your boss knows it.The old man once said that cadres come from familiarity.People choose their relatives all the time, but familiarity does not necessarily mean choosing their relatives.Choose and employ persons should use the person that oneself understand of course, do not understand not to be used in disorder?Do not think that leaders have the initiative to understand your obligation, the leadership of many people, to do many things, is to have this obligation, but also powerless.If you want to move forward, you have a responsibility to let your leaders know about you.You are irresponsible to yourself and expect others to be accountable to you?Have skill, value, want to find a way to let people know.Chai Jin, Wu Song saw Song Jiang na head worship, is not because of timely rain brand effect?Let leaders know their own value, sometimes also have to learn to fight cattle, can also be said to be the Buddha.In the novel of Eryuehe, he once wrote that “bowing to Buddha on the other side of the mountain is one of the promotion techniques. For example, if you are a county magistrate, the next step is to promote Tongzhi, never go tongzhi’s way, pull tongzhi’s immediate superior to fight tongzhi, and then the strength comes to the fire.When tongzhi to rise the magistrate, to pull the magistrate’s boss road Taiwan dozen magistrate;When the magistrate, never suck up to the road platform, direct contact with the three law department from, the road platform a foot off!Such a step by step promotion, is always a layer of boss set good, the head boss get off, he came up.Although it is a tactic, it also has reference significance.Ha ha said a bit far, next time to talk about wu Song.