Yue Pengfei, the “six brothers of National Youth”, won the three-point king of the All-Star game and shed tears after leading the team to lose

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Yue Pengfei, who had coached the Liaoning team for many years, defected to his former teammate Guo Shiqiang’s Guangzhou team in 2021, and several of his younger players also moved south to Guangzhou, much to the discontent of many Liaoning fans.This article reviews yue Pengfei’s basketball history.Yue pengfei, 1.90 meters tall, was born in 1979 in Fuxin, Liaoning Province.At the age of 12, the basketball coach of fuxin Sports School went to the school to select young players. The 1.73-meter-tall Yue pengfei was chosen by the coach.Such a height is not too outstanding, and he is thin and weak, his parents did not agree with him to practice basketball at first, he was always good at school.But the coach was very optimistic about him, repeatedly do his parents’ work, and finally the family from the point of view of physical exercise sent him to the sports school.After two years of hard training in the city sports school, he was selected by the Liaoning Provincial Sports School and entered the Liaoning Provincial Youth men’s Basketball Team. Two years later, he successfully entered the Liaoning Provincial Youth team.Yue pengfei’s height and speed are not outstanding, but he has a quick mind and takes training seriously.The training of the professional team is very hard, under the strict requirements of the coach, he practiced the unique skills of “a hundred paces through a Yang”, so that he stood on a higher stage.National Youth Team From 1998 to 2000, Yue pengfei was a regular in the National youth team.In 1998, Yue pengfei was selected to the National Youth Team and won the Asian Youth Championship with Yao Ming and others.In 1999, he participated in the World Youth Championships with the National Youth Team. The Chinese team won 1-9 and won the 15th place. Yue pengfei averaged 10 points per game.In 2000, he was selected to the U20 National Team again.Yue pengfei not only won honors in the National Youth Team, but also gained friendship.Because train together everyday, li dongliang, Jiao Jian, Yue Pengfei, Wang Bo, Liu Wei, Moke produced deep friendship between them, known as “six brothers”.With his performances in the National Youth team, Yue joined the Liaoning First Team in 1998 and began to play in the CBA league. He was the youngest player on the team.Yue played 12 games in the 1998-99 season, only a few minutes per game, and scored a total of 15 points.Slowly, coach Wu Qinglong began deliberately training the young Yue, who averaged more than 30 minutes in the final five games of the regular season, scoring 11.2 points and shooting 41.7 percent from 3-point range.Liaoning shot down Bayi in the playoffs to finish second for the third time in a row. Yue averaged 8.8 points in 30 minutes per game in his CBA debut and was recognized for his performance.In the 1999-2000 season, Yue gained more playing time and played in all the games, scoring 22 points in both games against Jiangsu and Zhejiang.Averaged 8 points in 22.8 minutes per game;Averaging 13.7 points in three playoff games and shooting 45 percent from 3-point range, he’s starting to show his long-range prowess.Although he was only a role player on the team, his progress was evident and earned him the trust of his coaches, teammates and fans, as well as rookie of the Year competition.In the “four newcomers”, Yue pengfei finally ranked fourth, and jiao Jian, the second of the six brothers, won the first place.Being recognized by everyone made Yue pengfei more confident. Although he had made significant progress, his ability to fight and other aspects still needed to be improved. He was very clear about his strengths and weaknesses, and hoped that he could develop more potential and gain more honors.In 2000-01, Yue averaged 10.4 points in 28 minutes per game and led the league in three-point shooting at 44.9 percent.Liaoning’s performance began to decline. Although liaoning could enter the playoffs, it failed to enter the top four just like the previous season.At the beginning of 2001-02 season, Liaoning team entered a low period.Yue had his best season ever, averaging 11.9 points in 35 minutes per game.Liaoning entered the relegation group with A record of 7 wins and 17 losses and 5-1 losses.In the 2002-03 season, Wu Qinglong was succeeded by Liu Jizeng, the former head coach of Liaoning Women’s Basketball Team.Veteran Li Xiaoyong’s playing time is gradually reduced, the replacement of old and new is being carried out, the young players have been more exercise.Yue played in fits and starts, scoring eight points in 26 minutes per game as Liaoning finished 11th in the season.2003-04 season, Liaoning team and Yue Pengfei ushered in the darkest moment.Dong Shusui succeeded Liu Jiceng as the head coach. In the first game of the season against Beijing Aoshen, Yue Pengfei fell to the ground after a collision with the other side’s foreign aid. After the game, it was confirmed that he had torn the medial collateral ligament of his left knee, which is very fatal for athletes.Liaoning started 5-2 but suffered a seven-game losing streak and was replaced by Chinese Taipei coach Gu Ji-hsiung after losing the fifth game in a row.Yue Pengfei after more than a month of recovery, the coach began to let him adapt to the game, until January 2004, he did not really return to the game.Yue played in 13 games this season, averaging 7.4 points and shooting 46.7 percent from 3-point range.The bad luck was far from over. In the last game of the league, relegation rivals Shanxi Province thrashed Shandong by 26 points to advance to the playoffs with a narrow lead, while Liaoning, with 9-13 losses, dropped to the relegation group.In the last moment of the first relegation game, Yue Pengfei, who scored 16 points, stepped on the foot of the other side’s foreign aid Gao De and fell to the ground. After the X-ray examination, there was a small piece of broken residue in his right ankle, and the doctor suggested that he should rest for one month.Yue returned to the court with an injury after just one game, and Liaoning avoided relegation with a 2-4 record at the bottom of the table.As the new season will adopt the north-south division system, only promotion, the cancellation of relegation, Liaoning team kept the first class qualification.In 2004, jiang Xingquan took office as the head coach, the team’s morale increased, all aspects have been significantly improved, the team is more young, after a long rest Yue Pengfei returned to the game.In 2004-05, he averaged 8.9 points per game and shot 46.2 percent from 3-point range.Liaoning returned to the playoffs as the northern champion and was surprisingly eliminated 2-1 by wu Qinglong’s promoted Yunnan team in the first round of the playoffs.In 2005, Guo Shiqiang and Bian Qiang left successively, and there were no veteran players over 30 years old in Liaoning. Yue Pengfei and Bian Qiang, both 27 years old, became the oldest players in the team.From the youngest member of the team 10 years ago, to the oldest player, yue became the captain.The regular season is over and the All-Star game is coming up.- although the regular season ranked 9th, north district, in third place. The first round of the playoffs, game, a difficult task, given the playoffs – wanted to give up to take part in the all-star game, players then decided to let the players to show yourself, so Zhang Qingpeng and fighting back took part in the all-star game, north of YuePengFei area respectively, the third in the shooting competition.In the All-star game held in Shanghai, for Yue Pengfei is very strange, his national youth team friends Liu Wei, Jiao Jian and other regular all-star.He scored 20 points from the preliminary to the final. In the final, he beat Zhu Fangyu by one point to win the title of “three-point king”, which is the best reward for his efforts for so many years.After the match, he handed the trophy to his girlfriend, who was cheering him on from the sidelines. Yue said it was the best wedding gift for her.Yue met his girlfriend Li Jian in 2002, when she was a member of liaoning Women’s Basketball team (later transferred to Shenyang) and yue was the same age.During Yue’s basketball journey, especially the season when he was injured, Li encouraged him all the time. It was because of his girlfriend’s support and love that yue went through the difficult period and returned to the court.And Yue Pengfei in the game, sometimes after throwing the ball will point to the court, that is where his girlfriend is, whenever his girlfriend came to the scene to watch the game, Yue Pengfei always can play at a high level.In 2005-06, Liaoning lost 3-1 to Bayi in the first round of the playoffs.In Game 3, Yue pengfei scored 29 points to help his team win its only game.Yue Pengfei and Li Jian held their wedding ceremony on April 23, 2006.Yue, who had been with Liaoning for eight seasons and became the oldest player, asked to leave the team in 2006.He experienced the liao Basket “millennium second” era, also experienced the dark relegation period, he witnessed the team from the bottom out, the young players have become mature, can hold up the future sky.Although he did not have much time as the main starter, he always stepped up when the team needed him, and his three-point shot was full of steps, and he always made wonders.The team needed a change of pace, and he was willing to give time to his young players as they developed rapidly.At 27, yue is still too young to retire, and he wants to look for opportunities elsewhere.The club respected his decision and approved his application, so he moved south to join Yunnan team led by Wu Qinglong.Yunnan Team The Yunnan team has done very well in its first two years in the CBA, reaching the playoffs all the time, especially in the first year when it beat Liaoning team to reach the semifinals.The team recruited, bayi old general Yu Junkai became the boss of the team, also known as the “King of Yunnan”.However, yue pengfei joined the team at a bad time. In the 2006-07 season, yunnan began to cultivate young players, with only two veterans over the age of 30, Namely Yu Junkai and Chen Zhaosheng, retained, and the rest were young men aged 21 or 22. The team’s performance plummeted, winning only 2 of its 30 regular season games, ranking first in the bottom.Yue averaged just 5.5 points in 13 appearances.And at the end of the season, the team was exposed to unpaid news, head coach Wu Qinglong and assistant professor Li Xiaoyong left the team in the middle of the season, Yue pengfei played for one season again faced with the choice.In 2008, Yue pengfei joined guangdong Phoenix Aluminum, which had just joined the NBL runner-up in its first year, along with Wang Shouqiang and Tian Yu, his liaoning teammates, and Wang Xidong, the NBL’s best guard the previous season. The team was strong and their goal was to win the championship and rush into the CBA.Sure enough, they won three rounds ahead of schedule, waiting for the final review of the Chinese Basketball Association.As the NBL to CBA is access system, the championship can not represent promotion, in addition to the basketball association audit but also through the league committee voting decision.According to the rules, the three NBL teams with the best overall record in the two years are eligible to participate in the review, and the final vote will select two teams to enter the CBA.In the first round of voting, Phoenix aluminum only got 1 vote, the club raised doubts, and then again to vote, this result is even worse, Phoenix aluminum did not get 1 vote, Tianjin was full of 25 votes, Qingdao 24 votes.The club saw the possibility of manipulation and sued the basketball association.He said he would not play in the NBL if not in the CBA.This is very undesirable for players, because the CBA rules prevent NBL players from being transferred to the CBA unless their teams advance, which means they will be out of the game for one season.In the end, they failed, the club was dissolved, tianjin and Qingdao entered the CBA.Guangzhou Freemen Guangzhou Freemen took over most of guangdong Phoenix Aluminum’s players, yue Pengfei also came to guangzhou Freemen and participated in the preliminary stage of the 2009 NBL competition.Before the finals began, he received a transfer order from Liaoning Sports Bureau to serve as the assistant coach of liaoning basketball team in the National Games, so he returned to his roots and began his coaching career in Liaoning.Yue returned to liaoning in the 2009-10 season, where he started as an assistant coach of Liaoning, and worked with Him from Weswella, who took over temporarily, to Guo Shiqiang.Until the 2012-13 season, When Wu Qinglong took over as head coach, Yue pengfei began coaching the Liaoning team.Over the years, he has cultivated many young players and was appointed as the assistant coach of China’S UNDER-15 basketball team in 2019.Yue Pengfei, coach of Liaoning Basketball team, sheds tears after losing to Zhejiang by 39 points in the third-place match of the men’s youth basketball group at the 2017 National Games.In 2021, Liaoning Men’s basketball team performed badly in the National U17 league, losing several matches in succession, especially in the match against Shijiazhuang No. 2 Middle School. After leading by 21 points, it was overturned in the last quarter and failed to reach the final eight.Due to the unsatisfactory performance of Guangzhou team in recent years, the club adjusted the coaching staff and Yue Pengfei resigned.After leaving, he went to Guangzhou, guo Shiqiang’s team, as echelon coach.Yue pengfei’s basketball path was uneventful, and the three-point contest at the All-Star Game is the most impressive memory.Most of the players in the period of performance of the regular and occasional flash, coach period is just quietly training young players.After he went to Guangzhou team, several small players also followed to leave by some fans criticized, the reason is unknown, such a result is regrettable, in accusing him at the same time should also thank him for liao basket to make contributions.Flick your fingers and recall the basketball journey of the older generation of Chinese basketball players.Thank you for reading and hope to get your likes and attention.