Ajiao ex-husband Lai Hongguo admitted that he will be a father, his wife has been pregnant for three months, praise its simple personality

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According to Taiwan media on February 13, Gillian’s ex-husband Lai Hongguo admitted at an event that he is going to be a father and revealed that his wife’s due date is August 17.A few days ago, the media broke the news that Lai Hongguo proposed to his girlfriend Alice successfully, and the woman is pregnant.Lai hongguo admitted the matter at a clinic reception on Monday, revealing that Alice is now more than three months pregnant.Lai Hongguo is always nervous and excited about being a father for himself. He wants to share the joy and hope to get everyone’s blessing.Lai hongguo is also preparing for the arrival of the baby. He plans to stay in Taiwan for the rest of the year, working while waiting for the baby with his wife.In the interview, Lai hongguo also revealed that Alice is not only an outstanding student who graduated from the department of Economics at the National University of Politics, but also very attractive.It is reported that her long face collision female star Reassured ya, the figure is also very tall, can be called perfect.Alice also has a very simple personality. Lai hongguo said that when he proposed, he took his partner to pick out a diamond ring, with a budget of NT $500,000 (about 110,000 yuan), but Alice only chose a RING worth NT $50,000 (about 10,000 yuan).In Alice’s opinion, simple ring style is good, and she also asks Lai hongguo not to waste too much in daily life.Alice, a former flight attendant for Emirates, is now a tech upstart.She chose to change careers because of Lai Hongguo.The two met through friends more than a year ago, when Lai’s job required him to fly back and forth between the mainland and Taiwan.In order to accompany Lai Hongguo’s side, Alice resolutely quit her job as a flight attendant and chose to work in a listed technology company.Later, Alice wanted to quit her job and be with Lai hongguo wholeheartedly, but the company kept her.In the end, Alice chose to stay with Lai Hongguo without pay for three months in the mainland.It was because of this experience that Lai hongguo felt the feeling of being accompanied and finally decided to settle down.Lai had two previous failed marriages, the first to zhao Xiaowei, a flight attendant, but the marriage only lasted six months.In 2018, Lai Hongguo married agjiao, a famous actress, but this time it only lasted 14 months before parting ways in March 2020.At the time, Lai said he had lost faith in marriage and would not get married again for the time being.Suddenly, he was not only married for the third time, but also became a father, which is quite fast.Now Lai Hongguo after experiencing so much, finally ushered in a new half, there is a new identity, the heart is more happy nature need not say more.Finally, I wish him a happy marriage and look forward to the safe arrival of the baby.# Lai Hongguo as a father #, # Ajiao ex-husband #, # Female star marriage #