Four wins and two losses!4-0!Chinese genius rush for the third championship of the season!Zhao Xintong met Hawkins to kill five times

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The 2022 Snooker Players Championship kicks off tomorrow, February 8, with the top 16 players of the season battling it out in pairs for a place in the last eight and the final title.Chinese pair Zhao Xintong and Yan Bingtao will play tomorrow at 9 PM sharp, Zhao against Barry Hawkins and Yan Bingtao against David Gilbert.Zhao xintong is the most popular snooker player this season.Yan bingtao not only won the British Championship, but also 9-0 in the final of the German Masters, realizing the achievement of winning two ranking titles in a single season.Such outstanding performance, also let Zhao Xintong’s ranking rocketed, instant soaring.Zhao is currently ranked no. 8 in the world and no. 1 in her single season. She is the no. 1 seed in the Players Championship.There is no doubt that Zhao xintong is a rising star of snooker, O ‘Sullivan, Higgins and other seniors are very promising him.Childe zhao is not only talented, accurate is a must, playing very good, but also very handsome, both inside and outside the court have gained a large number of fans.After winning consecutive championships, Zhao xintong’s state and strength have been further improved, and her confidence is also very strong. The triple crown in a single season is not impossible.All things are difficult before they are easy, and tomorrow Barry Hawkins is a big step.Barry Hawkins is no stranger to fans as he is currently ranked 11th in the world.16th in the season, just in time to clinch a ticket to the Players Championship.Chinese football fans affectionately call him master Huo.Hawkins isn’t thinks, has 43, he kept constantly in the level of the world’s top 16, career also have seven titles, in the masters of the season just finished, and scored the final finals, but lost to the peaks of Neil Robertson, once again, three championship contest, failed to get their hands on three series,It is also the biggest regret of the veteran’s current career.Many people say that his mentality is unstable once he gets to the big match, which leads to his abnormal performance. However, he does not agree with this argument. He thinks that every time he loses in the final of the big match, he plays better when the opponent is very strong.All in all, Hawkins is a player of undoubted strength, and there is a “Ding Junhui Nemesis” title.Chao and Hawkins have met in six previous career meetings, with Chao holding a 4-2 lead.It is worth mentioning that the recent 4 times of hand in hand are all zhao Childe won the final victory, played a 4-0 record!The two sides last met in the semi-finals of this season’s British Championship, when an in-form Zhao beat Huo 6-1 to stomp Hawkins into the final and win the title.Four times in a row to defeat the opponent, Zhao Xintong has occupied a great advantage in psychology, although master Huo does not admit his fragile psychological ability, but again encountered Zhao Xintong must be afraid, fear.At present, whether it is psychological confidence, or the state of the whole season, Zhao Xintong has the advantage, the win is much bigger, therefore, this battle meets again, Zhao Childe is going to kill Hawkins 5 times in a row to stride forward to his third championship of the season, Master Huo is difficult to stop the Chinese talent to win the road.So the results will be revealed tomorrow night, let’s wait and see!