Green channel for Organ transport in China under the epidemic

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In June 2016, six ministries and commission offices in China jointly issued a document to open a green channel for organ transport for heart and brain deaths in China. The establishment of this channel has greatly improved the utilization rate of organs in China and saved the lives of countless patients.Today’s case of organ transport has experienced many twists and turns. Let me give you some details.The fifth day yesterday afternoon that Beijing has a compassion donation donor tree matching to the hangzhou hospital, medical staff could not go to Beijing for hangzhou because outbreak, so entrusted Beijing sino-japanese transplant team to obtain, in accordance with the requirements for prevention of Beijing sino-japanese team obtains after unable to send (and can’t return to Beijing after the doctor out of Beijing, Beijing to isolation can’t continue to work).In order not to waste the lung supply, I asked The Wuxi lung transplantation team Xiao Wu to go to Beijing Capital Airport to pick up the donated lung. Last night, we were in Shanghai Hongqiao, preparing to take China Eastern Airlines MU5125 to Beijing at 21:03 PM.Tomorrow morning 10:00 am from Beijing to Shanghai (China Eastern Airlines MU5106) Wuxi lung transplantation team Xiao Wu health code green code, travel code normal, nucleic acid is normal within 24 hours, the ticket is also normal purchase, but at Hongqiao Airport, Beijing Healthbao failed (the reason is not known so far,She called the relevant authorities in Beijing to inform them of the situation and failed to solve the healthbao problem), causing Xiao Wu to be unable to board the plane.(Figure 1) In hongqiao Airport, WE repeatedly communicated with China Eastern Airlines, and we also provided the confirmation of organ donation allocation. We repeatedly informed lungyuan that it was facing waste. I communicated with them over the phone and proposed a plan for negotiation:1. During the National Day in 2017, the crew of China Eastern Airlines once transferred lung source for the Wuxi team. As the first case in China, the media also publicized it.2. Continue to let Xiao Wu fly to Beijing on Friday evening. He promised to stay in the airport for one night, stay in a lounge chair at the airport for one night, and come back early the next morning with his organs.3. China Eastern Airlines asked me whether any passengers of this flight would like to carry lung source on board to Shanghai.4, MY own micro blog for help, looking for the flight passengers back.The counter staff of China Eastern Airlines hoped that I would not post my microblog, saying that they had to wait for more than two hours for their instructions and report, but finally they refused.Wuxi Xiao Wu can only be disappointed from Shanghai back to Wuxi.(Figure 23) Because of the waste of organs involved, we had no choice but to contact the Human Organ Donation Management Center of The Federation of Red Letter Societies of China and the Civil Aviation Transportation Administration of China and the Ministry of Transport in the evening. Both of them told us that the two departments could only undertake route approval and could not provide assistance in personnel.Finally, we noticed that there was another flight of Air China, which started half an hour later than That of China Eastern airlines. We tried to contact the customer service hotline of Air China. After communicating with the duty manager and customer service, we submitted opO confirmation and power of attorney to Air China, expressing our willingness to undertake organ transfer and open a green channel for life.The transplant team, who had been working on the donor for more than 10 hours, breathed a sigh of relief at 3 a.m. this morning.(figure 4) this morning the team success get love lung source, at 9 o ‘clock arrived at the airport T3 terminal, find manager on duty, Air China, Air China staff after check the related documents, Air China, the airport staff quickly open organ transport green channel, fast through airport security, organ transport box after the transfer to the airport staff,Entrust the Air China crew to take flight CA1531.(FIG. 56) The Air China crew handed over the lung transfer box to the lung transplant team at 12:20 today, and the ambulance returned to Hangzhou and arrived at the operating room at an estimated 14:30.(Figure 78) At this moment, a pneumoconiosis recipient was being prepared for anesthesia in the operating room of Hangzhou Shulan Hospital.The operation is about to begin.I hope everything goes well today and the patient is safe.(Figure 9) The patient is entrusted with his life, and the doctor can only go to save the grateful organ donation. It is not easy to get a lung donated with love. Life comes first, and we cherish it!Thank Air China for its responsibility!I am grateful for the support of the whole society for the green channel of organ transport in China.