Jokes that Make You Laugh or embarrass yourself (Part 1)

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(a) bestie is a nymphomaniac, see a handsome boy can not walk.Once, she went to get a vaccine, came back to show off to me, said that there was a handsome man in the queue, very cold, many girls want to chat him up, but he ignored anyone, just said a word to her.I was very envious, asked the handsome boy to tell her what?Bestie replied: He said, hello, please delete the photos!”If you want to get a cool guy or girl to talk, take a picture of them and make a joke about it,” Wang said. “Then they will yell at you.”Therefore, the best way to get to know these beautiful men and women is not to please them, but to let them lose the initiative.A girl complained to her boyfriend that his friend had mocked her for being ugly.Boyfriend doesn’t care about waving hands, they just casually say, why are you so big deal?Later, the boyfriend met the girl’s best friend.She told her boyfriend that he was ugly and not good enough for her best friend.Male friend immediately angry and corrupt of mouth: your bestie honey how open eye lie!Lao Wang said: sometimes, you feel that one thing doesn’t matter, is that your real interests have not been lost.When someone touches your real pain point, you change your attitude about something immediately.So if you want someone to feel your pain, there’s only one way to do it. Let him experience it for real. Otherwise, he won’t understand what you really care about.Many people say that one thing does not matter, scold others hypocritical, only things fall on their own, will know, not their hypocritical, but their pain, others do not feel it.There was a lovely six-year-old girl who liked sweets very much, but her father thought that eating too many sweets was not good for her teeth, so he fixed her a quota every day. If she wanted more than twenty yuan, she would not buy it for her even if she wanted more.Once, they were in a dessert shop, the little girl ordered an ice cream, but also wanted a strawberry cake, but she had exceeded the limit of 20 yuan, so she did not buy the strawberry cake.When the ice cream to the little girl’s hand, she did not eat, but sweet handed to dad, dad, this is for you to buy, I wish you a happy holiday!For a moment, everyone in the dessert shop saw the father red eyes, excited to hold her daughter, kua she is sensible.Finally, the father was excited, which tube what twenty dollars of line, not only for her daughter and bought an ice cream, but also bought several strawberry cake, out of the store, but also asked her daughter want to play what, what to eat, he bought……Lao Wang said: sometimes, in front of feelings, our principles are worthless.You think you can stick to your principles, but you haven’t met anything that makes you waver.