Man roadside persuasion was sentenced, but also a fine!What’s going on here?

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Source | city site comprehensive haining court do not reprint without permission Sources such as delete will investigate two people quarrel on the road, the police came and took the side had been a man, the man was sentenced after, how did this happen?Recently, two electric bikes collided at a road junction in Haining, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province.The two parties had a heated argument while waiting for the traffic police to arrive.At this point, Hu was driving through.See two sides argue endlessly, electric bicycle is also blocked in the middle of the road, Hu immediately stop, come forward to dissuade.After the traffic police arrived, the parties to understand the accident, Hu also actively describe the scene to the traffic police on the edge.At this time, the traffic police has smelled a heavy alcohol smell from Hu.In the face of the traffic police inquiry, Hu repeatedly waved his hand said he was just passing by, and claimed that he was on foot to break up the fight.But his panic and the car in the middle of the road gave him away.Later, traffic police retrieved nearby public video playback.The video clearly shows that Hu was driving a white car by the accident site, saw someone arguing, got out of the car to persuade.Traffic police on the prevention of the Hu breath alcohol test, test results have reached the drunk driving standards.After the blood test, hu’s blood alcohol content is 188mg/100ml, belongs to drunk driving motor vehicle.The court believes that the defendant Hu mou constitute dangerous driving crime, and finally sentenced hu mou detention 1 month 15, suspended for 3 months, and fined 3000 yuan.Drink before driving, sorrow after driving!Drunk driving is not only playing with the safety of life, but also pushing the boundaries of the law.Please be sure to remember: drive not drink, drink not drive.