Switch Member Premium Edition updates 3 Sega MD games

2022-05-06 0 By

After only one wave of N64 updates, now it’s finally MD’s turn!Nintendo Switch Premium Member Sega MD library has been updated with three games: Light Crusader, Super Fantasy Zone and Alien Soldier.Alien Soldier, a challenge book from developer Treasure, for those who love the Mega Drive!Players will fight up to 25 bosses in a row.In the process of failure, find a strategy.Super Fantasy Zone is a shooting game made by Japanese game manufacturer SUNSOFT that takes down enemies to collect coins and boost power in the store system.The game will be fought on eight new planets.Crusade of Light is an action RPG developed and produced by Treasure.Players will take on the role of David Rand, a swordsman, and embark on an adventure with labyrinths filled with traps to uncover the truth about strange events planned by the Coven.