An Chao Jing Opening area: Women’s fight against “epidemic” show the style of epidemic prevention and control

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Around us, there are such a group of people, in the family, they are good daughters, good wives, good mothers…In the face of the epidemic, they are fearless, brave and responsible, giving up their families to care for everyone and standing at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic.Yang Shu, deputy director of bantang Community Neighborhood Committee in Anchao Economic District and president of the Women’s Federation, is an invincible grassroots Party member. In the epidemic prevention and control work, she always keeps in mind her mission and sticks to the front line of anti-epidemic duty, giving up her small family and serving everyone.In the middle of the night of The 15th, Yang Shu received an urgent notice that a school under her jurisdiction should be inspected immediately. She immediately put on her coat and hurried to the school to actively assist medical staff to carry out nucleic acid testing until the next morning. All tests were completed.After the second day, she immediately involved in the epidemic prevention and control work, early in the morning to half soup Washington district, epidemic prevention and control point for the homing personnel information registration verification, in the face of minority homing information registry staff don’t understand emotions, she always patiently explain to the masses, do a good job and masses, calm the masses.In an nest by the open area lishi village is also active in a fight against the epidemic did not let the female force, they hold up half the sky for epidemic prevention, Lishi village women’s federation vice chairman Chen Ying is one of them.A bright red vest and a mask cover her face. With the most ordinary practical actions, she demonstrates the courage of women, and adds warmth and strength to the prevention and control work of tension with women’s unique carefulness, patience, gentleness and tolerance.When the horn of epidemic prevention and control sounded, Chen Ying took the initiative, acted quickly, was on duty, carried out temperature measurement and scanned codes for registration.In order to ensure the accurate and efficient completion of the work, Chen Ying not only went to the village to inspect the work, but also reported all the data and forms.For each migrant, she patiently inquired their personal information and recent travel track, and worked overtime at night to sort out and set up personal ledger for special groups.”Go out less, wear masks, wash your hands frequently, and don’t gather together” is one of the words she keeps saying every day.In the face of the epidemic, as a female volunteer and a Member of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Chen Ying used the “soft wisdom” of female general to chew on the “hard bone” of epidemic prevention and control, and carried out the original intention and mission of CPC members with practical actions, and contributed to the tightly knit network of epidemic prevention and control.Dressed in a white protective suit, Kong stands out at the entrance of chaohu East Railway Station, coordinating and helping passengers check their health codes.Kong Is not young compared with other volunteers. At 57, she has been volunteering at Chaohu East Railway Station for less than a year.As the situation of epidemic prevention and control is grim, she volunteered to serve as a volunteer as a Party member.”I’m a Party member, and my family supports me very much. It’s a great honor to be a volunteer. The station also gives us comprehensive protection, so we don’t have any worries.””Please line up and keep one meter apart. While waiting, you can open the ankang code in advance.” “Wear masks, and those who have finished the nucleic acid test, please come this way”…On the morning of March 20, Huang Yuting, wearing a red vest, is a female volunteer of Dongxin Group in anchao Economic Development Zone. She is guiding residents at the nucleic acid screening site in Xishan community to maintain order.The day before, she was busy assisting the nucleic acid test of all staff in Huashan public rental house until midnight. She learned from the group that xishan community was in urgent need of staff, and volunteered to participate in the volunteer service.”We are young and not afraid of hard work. In the face of the epidemic, as Party members, we must not shrink back. To protect everyone is to protect the small family.”The population in the Compound is relatively large, close to the Use of the Juzhang Comprehensive farm trade market, and the flow of people can be used frequently.”What it takes to be on duty here is patience and understanding, especially with the elderly. We explain it word for word to them and they understand and support what we are doing.”Overcoming difficulties, Dongxin Group’s female volunteers Shi Ran and her colleagues have been working for a week on the front line of the “four hooves and four doves” approach to the epidemic prevention in the townships.”These days we have been working side by side with party members and comrades in the community, seeing their hard work without a single complaint, I am very impressed.I believe we can withstand the ‘inverted cold’, warm spring will bloom.””She said confidently.In the face of the epidemic, they took a strong step, without hesitation and retreat, with fearless spirit to contribute to the strength of the women, write the beauty of the women, show the elegant demeanor of the women, presenting a beautiful scene in the epidemic prevention and control.(Wu Ying, Su Xiaoyan)