Cargo throughput up 6.1% year on year, Shandong port achieves “good start” of January production

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Qilu Evening News • Qilu One point reporter Zhao Bo Correspondent Zhang MAO At the beginning of the New Year, the port of Shandong, the port area of large ships and ships.In January, the cargo throughput was estimated to reach 135 million tons, up 6.1% year on year.It is estimated to complete 3.018 million TEUs of containers, up 6.1% year on year, and 15.1 million tons of railway transportation, up 12.6% year on year.It is estimated that 10,500 ships will be berthed and berthed, up 17.7% year on year.Shandong port starts new journey with a “good start” in January.In Qingdao, a port in Shandong province, the production situation is particularly encouraging.Carefully organized the loading, unloading and production battle, the iron ore ore ship “three ships together” for the first time, successfully won 11 400,000-ton ships berthing at Dongjiakou, successively created a single efficiency of 22.86 million tons/hour high yield achievements;Containers continue to sprint to a new high, QQCT set a new record of 2257.5TEU production in a single shift.Rizhao Port in Shandong province has carefully arranged berthing plans for ships. Lanshan Port has realized six timber ships berthing at the same time for the first time, creating a new production record of 47,000 square meters of timber receiving and unloading day and night.To ensure the berthing of the water transfer ship, the amount of ore transfer to the water drainage port exceeded 2.1 million tons, a record high;Successfully completed the lifting and installation of the gas processing module of the oversized offshore oil field equipment exported to Africa;In the New Year, two shipments of juice exports totaling 19,000 tons were completed for the first time.Against firecrackers during Spring Festival supplies increased dramatically and flight load rate is continuous growth of the new situation, such as shandong port port to coordinate shipping company adjust schedule, into 16 roll large luxury passenger and cargo ships, in accordance with the “separation of passenger and cargo demand, operation of yantai to dalian, penglai to lushun, longkou to lushun three routes, total seat 8000, 2000 parking Spaces,It also introduced flight information, price policies and epidemic prevention policies to ensure the safe and fast transportation of more than 72,000 ro-ro trucks.The LNG sector of Yantai Port Longkou Port Company got off to a good start in January, with more than 110 ships and a throughput of more than 1.3 million tons, both exceeding 100.Yantai Port Wanhua Terminal Company in January, liquefied chemical vessels broke 100 times, the best record in history.In dongying Port and Guangli Port area of Bohai Bay port in Shandong province, the efficiency advantages of three automatic door cranes (1#, 2# and 3#) were fully utilized to complete the operation of “Tianfeng 509” with a new record of the highest single efficiency of 420 tons/hour.New advantages in the New Year and new atmosphere in the New Year, the opening of berths and hardware upgrading of Shandong ports provide more powerful support for the production of the Spring Festival.In Dongjiakou Port area of Qingdao Port in Shandong Province, with the successful completion of the acceptance of D22 and D23 berths, the wharf capacity is further released, and the throughput and economic benefits are all red.Shandong port Lannan No. 15 berthing for lightening load has been approved by the provincial Department of Transport, and the maximum berthing tonnage of bulk cargo ships in Lanshan Port area has been raised from 200,000 to 250,000 tons.South #14 and South #15 berths of Shijiu Port area of Rizhao Port have been officially opened for acceptance, enabling the south area of Shijiu Port area to have large bulk cargo berths of over 200,000 tons for the first time, laying a solid foundation for the professional, intelligent and process-based development of Shijiu Port Area of Rizhao Port.On January 28, Qingdao Port Qiangang Co., Ltd. of Shandong province purchased two loaders and six excavators for the Spring Festival, which will effectively improve the efficiency and capacity of port operations and make Qingdao Port’s dry bulk cargo production competition more powerful.Routes, drive trains, its source, wind power new breakthroughs in shandong port Qingdao relying on high-level marketing strategy, the Mediterranean shipping mae west, wan hai shipping mae west, maersk line west Africa, such as ocean main landing, and the Mediterranean shipping port of Russian far east routes sequence upgrade, the new “dagang – dongying – jinzhou” domestic trade routes, route incremental implementation “good start”.3 new coal customers, working with Dongjiakou Railway Company to develop New customers of Chinalco, attracting new business.Rizhao Port vigorously expanded the new flow of crude oil transportation. In January, it opened the first railway freight train to Sichuan, successfully entering the southwest market.In January, Yantai Port successfully opened the southeast Asia channel for groceries, and created the brand of “Indonesian groceries”, adding new capabilities on the basis of the original China-africa liner.Bohai Bay Port strongly promoted the development of new cargo. In January, Shouguang port resumed bulk cement business, and Dongying Port Guangli Port area received and unloaded the first bulk corn cargo, injecting new momentum into the New Year.The logistics Group strongly promoted the extension and quality improvement of sea-rail combined transportation. In January, it opened a special train for sanmenxia to Qingdao Dagang copper concentrate wholesale transformation, a special train for Russian imported newsprint international combined transportation, and a special train for CoSCO Shipping from Jimo to Huangdao Hisense home appliances, boosting the estimated volume of sea-rail combined transportation of 240,000,000 TEU, up 21.3% year on year.