Relevant departments came the good news, kindergarten will welcome “3” adjustment, kindergarten teachers also follow with glory

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Since the beginning of school, students have set foot on their own road of life.The beginning of all this starts from kindergarten, which can be said to cultivate students’ daily habits. The quality of kindergarten also determines students’ future study.Students need to go to kindergarten before they go to primary school. Many people regard kindergarten as the enlightenment education for students. Although kindergarten does not learn cultural knowledge, it is also related to the intellectual development of students.In fact, parents are very concerned about which kindergarten students go to. Some parents even begin to “prepare for a rainy day” after class, and they will queue up at the school gate in the middle of the night.Public kindergartens are more popular with parents. After all, they are established by the state, and both the teachers and the teaching level are worthy of recognition.However, there are few public kindergartens in China, and it does not help that parents queue up at the school gate overnight, which shows how much parents value their students’ education.Seeing this phenomenon, many enterprises set up a lot of private kindergartens. It has to be admitted that the establishment of private kindergartens does reduce the pressure of students’ enrollment, and there are more choices for students.It is because private kindergartens have caught the hearts of parents and started to implement “advanced education,” which has led to a mix of kindergartens, and the sky-high tuition fees of kindergartens have harmed many parents.After the relevant departments noticed this phenomenon, in order to maintain the fairness of education and reduce students’ learning pressure, they issued three regulations for kindergartens, and preschool teachers also “take credit”.Relevant departments came the good news that the kindergarten will carry out “3 adjustments”, preschool teachers also have a share of the first, to ensure that students will be able to HP kindergarten coverage of 85% by 2025.This will allow students to stand on the same starting line, but also to ensure the education of students, will reduce a lot of financial burden to parents.So after students 2025, we can ensure that this situation, public kindergartens will increase, can meet the needs of most students to go to kindergarten.Second, cancel bilingual kindergarten qualification.Now many kindergartens under the banner of bilingual kindergarten, charging expensive tuition fees, under the banner of letting students win the starting line enrollment.Actually this kind of school may be the noble school that says normally, besides the hardware establishment of the school is better, the thing that possible student place learns learns with respect to common kindergarten is same, what differ only is the knowledge that can force a student to learn primary school.Advanced education is similar to “pulling out the seedlings and encouraging”, which can only harm students but not help them, but cause invisible pressure to students.Bilingual kindergartens will be completed by June 2022, which is expected to lead to the rapid development of h-P kindergartens.Finally, improve the salary of preschool teachers.It is well known that the salary of kindergarten teachers is low, especially in remote areas, which may only be more than 2,000 yuan a month.And the work of preschool teachers is more tired, there is a huge workload every day, it can be said that labor and results can not be proportional, so the future may increase the salary of preschool teachers.But may raise the recruitment threshold of preschool teachers, this is imperative, now private kindergarten teachers are mostly technical secondary school students or junior college, preschool teachers may not manage their own how to teach students?Personal analysis: The above is the kindergarten will carry out the rectification, the author thinks this rectification is very good, the kindergarten teaching quality is improved to ensure the future development of students.Only kindergarten up to ensure the quality of the future development of students, parents, of course, also want to choose a suitable for students to study in the kindergarten, this will affect students’ life, generally choose the kindergarten is tuition and kindergarten environment and faculty, so parents must study the choice of schools.Many people are more confused kindergarten does not teach students knowledge, so what can be learned in school?Let’s talk more about what students can learn today.What can you learn in kindergarten?Cultivate students’ self-care ability and independent personality.At the beginning of the kindergarten, students are inseparable from their parents, so some students will cry and make trouble, and some students even have a feeling of being abandoned.In addition, all the things at home will be well organized by parents, so students do not have to worry about themselves, so students do not have any self-care ability.Kindergarten will train students to take care of themselves, will train students to wear their own clothes, cultivate students have their own independent personality, that is why parents send students to kindergarten think that students have grown up.Today’s topic: What other benefits do you think kindergartens bring to students?(Picture from the network, infringement contact deleted)