Too arrogant!The driver of a large truck that ran 14 red lights in five days in Beijing has been arrested

2022-05-07 0 By

Police in Huairou, Beijing, are cracking down on traffic violations involving large trucks.On January 10, the reporter learned from the Huairou police that a large truck within 5 days even ran 14 red lights were seized by the police, the current large truck driver fang mou has been huairou police criminal detention in accordance with the law.Fang mou drives a large truck to travel more at night.The police investigation found that the car ran red lights 14 times at 14 junctions including Huaichang Road and Huai ‘an Street in Huairou district from January 1 to 5.Through meticulous work, the police quickly locked the suspected vehicle and take action, will involve the driver of the party found.Fang confessed to his illegal behavior, ignoring traffic rules and traffic safety, deliberately running red lights for many times to other normal driving vehicles and pedestrians brought danger, but also seriously disrupt the normal traffic order.On January 8, fang was detained by huairou police in accordance with the law.Huairou police reminded that the heavy load of freight vehicles, high body, drivers do not comply with traffic laws and regulations, “running lights and running cards” in the process of driving will bring great safety risks, threatening their own and other people’s life safety.Huairou police continue to carry out special rectification of traffic violations by freight vehicles, and strengthen the crackdown on prominent illegal problems such as large trucks violating traffic lights, violating the instructions of prohibition signs, and deliberately blocking the number plate. They have zero tolerance for all kinds of illegal behaviors, and will not tolerate any of them if they are found.Source: Beijing Daily client, reporter: Zhang Lei video recommendation