Who is Sesame Credit 700?

2022-05-07 0 By

A person with 700 sesame credit is a person with excellent credit.In other words, there is almost no overdue record of people using Alipay in Sesame Letter 700.Whether spending or borrowing in the process of use, on time repayment.Some other credit projects of Alipay, such as credit loan, will also be returned in time, and the accumulated credit will become extremely good.In addition, standardize the use of Alipay, more use of Alipay transactions users, credit score will easily reach 700.Under the authorization of users, Sesame Credit scores are comprehensively processed and evaluated according to the data from all dimensions of users, objectively showing individual credit status from five dimensions of users’ credit history, behavioral preference, contract performance ability, identity traits and interpersonal relationship.Sesame credit scores between 350 and 950 on a five-point scale.350-550 is in the poor range, 550-600 is in the medium range, 600-650 is in the good range, 650-700 is in the excellent range, and 700-950 is in the excellent range.The higher the sesame credit score is, the better the credit level is, which can help individuals obtain more efficient and high-quality services.