Children and children share the fun of football Junxiang contributes to the new development of Dalian women’s football Team

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National strategy for the implementation of the teaching body fusion, accelerate the football into the campus, the women’s football movement development, actively promote youth March 12, dalian wafangdian city jun xiang juvenile football club invited wafangdian city football project consultant, dalian ai-min feng, a professor at the university of jun xiang football club of the women’s demonstration of the athletes training guidance.Training activities to trained parents and children players experience the way at the same time, in order to let more families participate together, enjoy the happiness of football with passion, promote family for football recognition and understanding of the project, enlarge the popularity and influence of soccer program, promote football project into the family, into the campus, into the enterprise, into the community, into the organs.Next, dalian wafangdian city jun xiang juvenile football club will cooperate with dalian football school training plans, in accordance with the overall development plan calls for Chinese football, combined with the feature of our city youth women’s team, further innovation training methods, training mode and training methods, promoting youth football athletes cultural learning and exercise the coordinated development,To promote the healthy growth of young people, temper their will, improve their personality, and jointly build the ideal and belief of winning glory for the country.This year is a key year for all sports work in Dalian. We will further promote the reform of dalian football and actively promote the revitalization and development of Dalian football.To speed up the pace of football reform and development in Our city under the leadership of the construction of national key cities for football development.To strengthen the policy guarantee in football field, support the long-term healthy development of professional football clubs, and set up a management team by Dalian Football Reform and Development Working Group to take over Dalianren Professional Club, carry out full management of the club, and actively explore a new path of football reform and development with Dalian characteristics.We will lay a solid foundation for youth football training, deepen the “Youth Green Project” and “Campus Football Project”, and smooth channels for talent training and delivery.Popularize the development of social football, football culture and football economic prosperity.In the future, dalian wafangdian city jun xiang juvenile football club will actively according to the dalian municipal sports bureau, wafangdian city culture and tourism plan calls for football into the campus, hire more experts and scholars and professional coach, let the advanced soccer idea into the wafangdian, light life, children’s football better push wafangdian city young women’s football in the future.Photo/See watermark text/Hakoetsu editor/Enchanting