How to make nucleic acid in jinghong?Landscape Honghong tell you!

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Spring Festival approaching home to visit relatives and friends and travel more and more people will come to him to play this scene of small partners ~ Hong Hong!Last time I went out to play my friend Yunnan golden monkey will come to Jinghong from Kunming tomorrow. Does he need to do nucleic acid in advance?In accordance with the requirements of the Joint Prevention and control mechanism of The State Council on strengthening the prevention and control of COVID-19 in port cities, at least one nucleic acid test shall be conducted on the spot upon arrival in Jinghong From outside the city before March 15, 2022.Even if the nucleic acid test has been done in Kunming, at least one nucleic acid test must be taken after arrival in Jinghong.So where do we do the landed nucleic acid?Is hemp troublesome?If you enter Jinghong by train or plane, there is a nucleic acid sampling point at the exit of the station.If you enter Jinghong from Pu ‘er by expressway, you can take samples at dadugang service area of Kun-Mo Expressway. There is no need to wait for the results, you can go after sampling, very convenient!However, nucleic acid samples must be taken in order to flow freely in jinghong district.Okay, I’ll tell the little monkey!JingJing put into jinghong nucleic acid testing requirements told the little yunnan golden monkey monkey did nucleic acids in the large crossing the post service smoothly and after sampling JingHongHong rendezvous scene under the guidance of “tour guide” scene JingHongHong eat little monkey around shopping ~ there is always a lot of fun good holiday end little monkey will with enthusiastic friends farewell scene JingHongHong, this several days I had a good time!Thank you!Tomorrow I will go home ~ ok!But don’t forget to leave jinghong city, you need to hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours!Check at the airport, railway station, Kun-Mo Expressway Dadu Gang service area and other card points before leaving.It is recommended that you take the nucleic acid test in advance. Otherwise, you need to wait for 6-8 hours at the card point for sampling. After the nucleic acid test results come out, the card point guard can check them before release.No problem. I’ll make an appointment for nucleic acid right now!Little monkey, bon voyage ~!You are welcome to come again!Source | jinghong