Mangan police incarnate “car repairman” to help people change tires

2022-05-08 0 By

During the joyful Spring Festival, the police at the Border checkpoint in Mangwangyan changed into “car repairmen” to help people change tires to alleviate the urgent need.Navy blue police uniform, shining party emblem, intertwined into a beautiful picture.On the morning of February 5, the police on duty at Mangan station found a car parked in front of the duty shed, and did not place a safety warning sign, passing vehicles have been forced to avoid, very dangerous, the owner is also very anxious.Seeing this, the police quickly came forward to inquire, the original tire was broken, unable to move.Considering the large traffic flow at the duty site during the Spring Festival, vehicles parked in the middle of the road, there is a great potential road safety hazard.Police immediately decided to help the owner to replace the tire, one of them set up a safety warning sign, maintain the scene of traffic order;The other two picked up the tools to skillfully replace the tire, seconds to change the “car repairman” to repair the car, and from time to time for the owner to explain the method of tire replacement and the need to pay attention to the place.To see the police in order to help change their tires tired sweating, the protective clothing is greasy dust, the driver held the police’s hand repeatedly thank: “encountered such an emergency, thanks to you in, otherwise I really don’t know how to do, thank you!””It is our duty to help the masses,” said the police on duty. “You can rest assured on your way during the Spring Festival and we will guard the rest.”Before leaving, the police did not forget to remind the driver, must check the car condition before going out, everything is normal to drive on the road.