Ms. Du was not responsible, Ms. Goer said

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On February 18, Xu Min’s party went to seal the “meeting”, the results have not been announced.With an air of know-it-all, Ms. Du was not responsible.Whether someone turns into a fly or a cockroach, crawles into the meeting and eavesdrops, or takes a moment in her mind and declares “no responsibility.”In short, she herself and Bin Ah Qiu farce is not over, hangzhou that 5W have not even know, but still care about a matter that has nothing to do with her, really loyal.No responsibility is Ms. Du responsible?B: of course!Apart from the vaccine that yao Ce was supposed to get after birth anyway, there was no reason for miss Du to miss it.Just talking about changing Guo Wei’s birth, this is against the law to bear responsibility.Where is the root of so much public opinion?If it were not for Ms. Du’s incoherent explanation, if it were not for the enigmatic operation, the original 28 would be a wrong story.Two families looking for yuan Yuan, each get an apology and compensation, the responsibility of the person to assume responsibility, the end.But Guo Du did not live up to his expectations, said words, do things, caused xu Min’s reasonable doubt.Then there was a series of events, one after the other.If it wasn’t stealing, why all the weird stuff?Unswerving Ms. Du has always said that her family was hurt in the crackdown.On the surface is xu Min’s reasonable doubt caused by public opinion, in essence, guo Du is suspected to cause reasonable doubt.Therefore, Ms. Du could not be absolved of any responsibility.If it is stolen, undoubted responsibility, do not repeat;If she is wrong, she should also take responsibility for the problems caused by the violation of the rules and the remarks that led people to infer that they were stolen.(Pictures from the Internet, infringement must be deleted)