The best player in football who took a 70% pay cut!Six and a half years in the Premier League: Traore returns to Barcelona

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In the history of Barcelona in the 21st century, it seems to happen from time to time that youth players leave the Premier League and return after years of training.But for Traore, who arrived in La Masia at the age of eight, there are too many differences.He is not Gerard Pique, Cesc Fabregas or Luis Garcia, who has struggled to get back to camp Nou.70% pay cut!The violent winger, who passes every 12.5 minutes, is back in the red and blue shirt with a dream.01. Joined La Masia at age 8: Took a 70% pay cut to get back!Although his style is too rigid, Traore’s roots are red and straight La Masia.An immigrant from Mali, Traore’s parents settled in Barcelona early.He was born in the city and joined la Masia’s academy at the age of eight.His brother, two years older than him, was less talented and had to go to the Espanyol academy.From an early age, traore’s attitude in training was recognized by those around him and he even forgot his birthday and just wanted to play football.In 2014, he won the Champions League youth title with Barca UNDER-19 and made a successful appearance in The Spanish Second division with Barca B.After scoring his first team goal for Barcelona in 2015, he joined Aston Villa in the English Premier League for a fee of 12 million euros (with a buy-back clause of the same amount).He failed to be trusted there, but then found his feet when he moved to Middlesbrough, proved himself in the Premier League and went on to score five goals and ten assists in a full season in the Championship, as well as doubling the number of players in the league.This won him the attention of Wolves, who paid a club record fee to bring him back to the Premier League.He has been a fixture in the Premier League for the past few years, unable to pass, but capable of breaking down Manchester City and Liverpool defences to the point of doubt.He doesn’t seem to have any hobbies other than football.He doesn’t have a girlfriend, and when he’s not playing football, he can spend an entire day in the gym.What makes it even more difficult is that Traore keeps a low profile in life.Despite earning 2.4 million euros a year in the Premier League, he did not buy a luxury car or house but still lived an ordinary life.This time, when Barca approached him and offered him the chance to return, traare even gave up 70% of his annual salary and accepted the bianconeri’s offer of 350,000 euros for six months, allowing him to return to camp Nou and also successfully registered.02. Fast and strong: Even the Premier League can’t stop him from being tall, but Traore is really strong, which is outstanding in the muscle forest of the Premier League.This return to the Nou Camp, a few big traore becomes more conspicuous.He made a crucial assist against Manchester City when he knocked over Benjamin Mendy and allowed city to be upset by Wolves.At the time mendy was a player guardiola trusted and his physical fitness was among the best in world football.Back in the Premier League this season, traore was once again on the offensive against Van Dijk, first physical and then rushing for a tackle.Traore might have helped Wolves win at Liverpool had It not been for hwang hee-chan (wolves’ stoppage time winner came just minutes after traore was substituted).Even if van Dijk’s fitness is down after his return from injury, how many players in the Premier League can really compete with him?Nicknamed “Ramasia Bolt” during his youth days at Barcelona, Traore even joked that he should run sprints with bolt, a newcomer to the game, in the past two years because of his low speed rating.Many of Traore’s Premier League goals over the past few seasons have come from explosive shots that accelerate into the penalty area.His shot lacks a bit of variety, but when it goes right, the keeper is really hard to stop.His first goal of the season in the Premier League was also a quick run at the Southampton defenders before firing home from the attacking keeper.Traore can shoot with both feet, but his biggest problem is that he can only shoot with power.This time Fabio created confusion after a fine pass, traore faced most of the open net but shot straight off with his left foot.It happened less than two minutes before he scored his first goal of the season.Traare’s record in the Premier League over the past three and a half seasons has been nothing short of spectacular in 2019-20.03. Changing the image of a dead man: He’s learning to work with his teammates Statistics show that Traore is the best dribble per 90 minutes in the five major leagues this season (red) and the best dribble per 90 minutes (blue).And in dribbling past, apart from SAN Maximan and Soleimani who can get close to him (still 15-20% less), the gap is huge.Traore’s advantage is that he can touch the ball with both feet and accelerate with a second burst of power.This time he broke through the Liverpool defence with great ease, but nuri’s final clearance was a bit too wide.Take a look at the transition this time. Traore, the forward, moves back into his own half of the court to play defense.He ducked tiago’s tackle and split the defence from the side.Traore has been trying to work with his teammates more, and this spike was a case in point.The pass wasn’t as good as it should have been (it was a quick return by Arnold, the pass wasn’t bad), and this time it was intercepted by Arnold, missing the chance to make a pass to his teammate.Now Traore is no longer the player who just keeps his head down and passes, he knows how to pass teammates and hit the wall.This time he went straight to William Jose, then ran in front of the box for a second pass, but his last long-range shot was a bit too good.One big change in Barcelona this season is that the number of crosses has increased significantly.It should be noted, however, that Barca’s crosses are not simply high balls from the outside, many of them are down to the flanks of the penalty area to send the ball closer to the inside.From la Liga statistics, Barcelona’s cross point is closer to the core area.Traore, like Dembele, has the same ability to get on the ball and close down opponents’ flanks, but he is not just speeding up, spiking and changing pace. It is no coincidence that he once made nine assists in a single season and 12 in a whole season.Even if the cross does not find his team-mate directly, Barca’s control of the second drop will give him a chance.United were beaten 1-0 by Wolves when Traore forced Luxshaw’s cross to allow Moutinho to score second.Conclusion: As a young man making his debut in La Masia, he spent 11 years here.Returning after six and a half years away, traore certainly wants more than just a six-month loan deal.Will he use those four months to get Xavi and the Blues to buy him out?Perhaps in mendes’s plan traore and Trincon have switched clubs.# Barca official announces traore to join #