The big adjustment!That’s a one-time penalty of 12 points

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Since April 1 “road traffic safety illegal behavior score management method” will formally implement new rules to the active score project to increase or decrease the score value of the partial project to adjust what important changes will the score rules have?Take a look at this revision, increased the type of a 9 points, deleted a 2 points of the type of points, 23 illegal points to keep the same value, 14 points to reduce the point value of points, delete 13 points, and part of the points for the expression of the split, combined.The number of postscript lines was reduced from 52 to 50.The new regulations maintain the intensity of penalty points for serious violations of traffic safety, such as drunk driving, hit-and-run, serious speeding, the use of forged and altered license plates and other violations, the maximum penalty points will still be deducted 12 points.The new rules reduce part of the penalty points, such as driving in accordance with the provisions of the installation of motor vehicle plate motor vehicle on the road, from the original 12 points down to the deduction of 3 points, is the biggest reduction in the score.Driving a vehicle that does not match the quasi-driving type, without a license plate, deliberately shielding or defacing the license plate of a vehicle, etc., will reduce the deduction of 12 points from one time to 9 points.Such acts will not be penalized, such as driving without placing inspection marks, insurance marks;Not carrying a driving license, driving license and other minor traffic violations;Under low visibility meteorological conditions, driving a motor vehicle on the expressway in violation of regulations, driving a motor vehicle with a designed maximum speed of less than 70 km/h into the expressway, etc.The new rules added a part of the points deducted items to strengthen the fight against “bug”, added “on behalf of the actual motor vehicle driver to accept traffic violations and score for economic benefits” for a 12 points deducted traffic violations.Among the six points deducted for a traffic violation, two new acts have been added: “Driving a motor vehicle to transport hazardous chemicals, entering the restricted passage area for dangerous chemical transport vehicles without approval” and “driving a motor vehicle during the period when the motor vehicle driving license is temporarily seized or detained”.Points will be deducted for the first time for the illegal act of “driving a truck on the road that changes the registered structure, structure or features without authorization”, and one point will be deducted for each time.Those who drive a vehicle other than a passenger bus and park on an expressway or city expressway lane will be penalized 9 points from 6 points.Those who make calls to a hand-held phone while driving a motor vehicle will lose three points from two.The new regulation stipulates the point value “blood return” method for those who participate in the study of road traffic safety laws, regulations and relevant knowledge and pass the examination, or participate in the traffic safety public welfare activities organized by the public security traffic management department, and meet the conditions can cancel the points “blood return”, the highest “blood return” within a scoring period of 6 points.Why did the scoring rules change?The traffic violation scoring rule is a system set up after the road traffic Safety Law of China was promulgated in 2004.In the same year, the Ministry of Public Security issued regulations on The Application and Use of Motor Vehicle Driving Licenses, which clarified the scoring behavior and scoring value in the form of attachments.In order to realize the unification and coordination with civil Code, Administrative Punishment Law and other important laws, it is necessary to make corresponding adjustments to the driving license scoring management.Fully reflect the spirit of leniency is one of the outstanding characteristics of the new rules.The new regulation stipulates stricter education and examination for drivers who repeatedly score 12 points: For those who repeatedly score 12 points within a scoring cycle, the learning time will be extended, the learning content will be increased, and the examination subjects will be increased, and the education and management of drivers who repeatedly violate the law will be strengthened.And for traffic violation of minor circumstances, give warning punishment, exemption from scoring, more prominent to minor illegal education role.The new rules will make the test more difficult for drivers of large and medium-sized vans who score 12 points.”Serious violations of laws and regulations, such as drunk driving and hit-and-run, are strictly punished to reduce their occurrence, which is the real protection of the personal and property safety of drivers, passengers and potential victims.”Engaged in passenger transport for many years the driver Chen Fugui said.Obey the traffic rules of 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