“Wine line the world” Valentine’s Day, accompany the most loved one, drunk wine beauty

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Today is February 14, western definition of “Valentine’s Day”, also known as St. Valentine’s Day or St. Valentine’s Day.Christians to commemorate Valentine for justice, for pure love and sacrifice themselves, will be executed on this day as “Saint Valentine’s Day”, later generations into “Valentine’s Day”.Although it has little meaning for Chinese people, it cannot stop some young people from taking this opportunity to “stir up”. Alcohol is a booster of mood.People say red wine is romantic, but white wine is often strong, mellow, more can express the true meaning of love.This Valentine’s Day, dare not try, the romantic candlelight dinner the finishing touch of red wine might as well replace a glass of jiuhe wine.The wine will make the girl marry him!With the domineer and elegance of jiuhe wine, express the love you want to express to the TA in your heart, and speak out the love words you want to say in your heart, so that this Valentine’s Day is special!Accompany the most loved one, drunk beautiful wine.※ To share a good and inexpensive Jiuhe wine, the entrance is not hot throat, drink more than the head, empty cup overnight fragrance, interested wine friends can know about it!※ Please click below the title “wine line world” attention!Please retweet or share this article by clicking on the upper right corner!The most comprehensive knowledge of wine and liquor culture, discuss wine culture with you, enjoy that freedom and carefree in the world of wine!