Introduction to Qingdao Medical School enrollment program in 2022

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What can junior high school graduate learn?Nursing. Why do you say that?Nursing has been listed by six ministries and commissions, including the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health, as the major of national shortage of talents, and given key support.According to the statistics of the world Health Organization, many countries are in short supply of nursing talents.In Our country, the number of nurses is far from enough, the proportion of medical care is seriously out of balance, so it is better to find employment.Qingdao Medical School is a state-level key technical secondary school training intermediate health technical personnel, is Qingdao medical continuing education base, is Qingdao general practitioner training base;It is the only school in Qingdao that undertakes the task of training skilled talents in short supply in the nursing field of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health.Qingdao area is the only health school.What can junior high school graduate learn?Recommended popular majors: nursing, midwifery, stomatology, clinical medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and massage, medical examination technology, medical imaging technology, pharmacy, Traditional Chinese medicine and other popular majors;Qingdao health school enrollment target and level: 1, junior high school graduates: 3+3 (junior college) 3+4 (undergraduate), the requirements of the examination results of more than 300 points, at the same time to participate in the school’s recruitment interview.2, junior high school graduates: 3+3 (junior college) 3+4 (undergraduate), must have a junior high school diploma and attend the recruitment interview organized by the school.(Employment class) enrollment target level.We welcome the graduates of the early middle school of 2022 to apply for the exam, and the students of the high school and technical secondary school can also apply.What can junior high school graduate learn?The employment of nursing students does not require a high degree, which easily leads to the psychological imbalance of undergraduate students.From the practical point of view, there is no great difference between undergraduates and students with other academic degrees in practice, so it is a good choice to study nursing in medical school.# Thanks official I want to headline ## headline share #