The burst!The night here in Kaifeng is sweeping the screen

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The burst!The burst!Kaifeng North Railway Station visual feast light up the night!Recently, kaifeng North Station night brush screen circle of friends to attract the general public have come to punch in the end how beautiful?In the video!”Kaifeng North Railway Station is beautiful in the daytime, but even more so at night!Like a garden shining in the night sky!”A passenger said that the kaifeng North Railway Station after the upgrade is like a light and shadow of ink painting, really too beautiful.Kaifeng north station, four street demonstration area is located in the urban and rural integration, night scene lighting design to follow the regional overall planning, using the 3000 k light warm color fully embodies the external modern inner classical architectural style, combined with the “hundred” three elements, with construction, pool, hedge, square as the main content, surroundings and thick history of northern song dynasty’s capital formation in kaifeng echo.Lighting is implemented by urban and rural integration demonstration area Urban management Bureau.The bureau installed two high-speed railway models in Kaifeng North Railway Station, including a pool with 230 meters of lights, 1100 wall washing lights in the building of the high-speed railway station, 560 wall washing lights in the hedges, and 360 projection lights in the square. Under the brilliant lights, the delicate night is painted into a bright picture of light and shadow.Strong pulse increase after the night view of the urban development and the fireworks of lights Hand in photograph reflect All media reporters Liu Yanchao correspondent reported Dong Xiaofeng video | image: demonstration district urban management bureau to provide duty editor: Ding Guanhua editor: giudice lc