Drive by yourself in Liangshan mountain and explore the four-sixth calligraphic pagoda of Qing Dynasty in Dechang, Sichuan

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Follow taser roll ear and a dog Mr. Self-driving cloud travel, in-depth exploration of niche travel.Introduction For those who like humanistic travel, today we will share with you a unique travel experience in Dechang County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province — self-driving Liangshan Mountain, a difficult journey to explore the four-sixth character pagoda of the Qing Dynasty in Dechang, Sichuan Province.Cida font tower panoramic driving in Sichuan Panxi Anning River Valley, this difficult exploration of Liangshan Dechang County font tower trip, is one of the wonderful and unforgettable cultural journey of the year and a dog, and this exploration trip as we have always insisted on using words to create is also very meaningful.So, what is the theme of the character tower?What does it mean?Why was this quest so difficult?Today, I would like to invite you to follow our steps to recall the journey of exploring the six character towers in Dechang.1. What is the character library tower?In ancient times, people believed that paper written by scholars should not be discarded, so they built towers for burning such paper.This kind of pagoda all over the country, some areas called “worship tower”.The word kuta, or xi Word Palace, is the name of sichuan and Chongqing area.Cangsheng Palace font Tower and Phoenix Pavilion behind 2. Why to build font tower?From “cherish the character” can be seen that ancient people attach importance to the character.On the one hand, because there were few readers at that time, people would have a sense of mystery to the writing, which eventually turned into a feeling of awe, and this gave rise to the opportunity to build towers.On the other hand, it also objectively reflects that people at that time attached great importance to writing.3. When was the word library tower built roughly?The construction of the pagoda dates back to the Song Dynasty.However, most of the preserved towers were built in the Ming and Qing dynasties, among which the Qing Dynasty built the most.The character library towers we are exploring in the vicinity of Dechang County were all built in the Qing Dynasty.4. Why is it necessary to explore the character Kuta near Dechang?Although there are many character library towers in Sichuan and Chongqing, there are six in dechang, Sichuan, within a radius of dozens of kilometers, all of which have been protected and restored, and are provincial cultural relics protection units.They were so numerous and concentrated that we thought they were worth exploring separately.5. How many character towers have you found?After a day’s effort, we found four character tower.6. Which font towers are they?The cangsheng Palace Is a calligraphy pagoda in Dechang County, which is the most easily seen by most visitors.This tower was built in the Qing Dynasty daoguang years, for three hexagonal imitation pavilion style.The pagoda is located on the Anning River opposite the Phoenix Mouth Cangsheng Palace.The cangsheng Palace houses cangjie (four eyes), the ancestor of Chinese character making, which is also rare in China.The location of the tower is also easy to find, just near the central square of Liusuo Town.Construction was going on when we went, and the tower was waiting to be repaired.Our first impression was that the tower was tall and the tallest of the four we explored.The pagoda was built in 1829, the earliest of the six character library towers. In addition to the burning character mouth on the pagoda, you can also see the characters such as “Tower Gao Pei Liu Xiu, the character is worth thousands of dollars”, and they are clearly visible.We came to the six (township) before the restoration of the six character tower will have the words of the paper into the cave burning tower words are still clearly visibleThe tower stood behind an ordinary house, covered by weeds and trees, apparently unvisited for years.However, we “harvest” a ghost needle fruit at the same time, but also found this three-eaves hexagonal style exquisite tower and happy.We came to yudongsi font tower in front of looking up at yudongsi font tower inscriptions in yudongsi font tower near Yudongsi font tower in Yutsida font tower although the location of the font tower is just across the provincial road of Xinseng Village, Tida town, but it is not easy to find due to the sight blocking problem.We went back and forth, we talked to the locals, and we found it.The font tower is the most elaborate of the four we visited.For five eaves hexagonal building style, a total of five stories, the book “dragon chanting tiger roar” and “only reading high” and other words, worth a closer look.We came to the tda font tower before tda font tower architectural style beautiful tda font tower look at tda font tower summary, the follow-up can be 7.Which two towers have not been visited?Chestnut character tower and small high character tower have not been visited.The former is in the opposite direction of our journey, while the latter is far away from the main road. Due to the limited time, we can only regretfully give up looking for it.The distribution of scenic spots in Dechang County (including the character library tower) hope that those who are interested in understanding the character library tower will go to explore oh, maybe the next tourist who “collects” six character library towers will be you.Wear masks and do not gather.Avoid risky areas and try to drive yourself & explore niche destinations.For those of you who love road trips and don’t take the usual route, listen to the story by Taser.