Latest reminder!It’s about collecting five blessings.

2022-05-10 0 By

It’s time to collect the five blessings at the end of the year!Did you also draw a raw shawka?Collection of happiness although interesting but also sensible special attention to protect their own money bag not to participate in the “hundred million yuan of the big project” has not waited for the lottery was targeted by the fraud put their money into the blackboard knock the following 3 kinds of fraud we should pay attention to!Routine 1: The cheater uses the exchange of “five blessing” to induce the victim to scan the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code to join the wechat group. When the victim scans the two-dimensional code implanted with Trojan virus and clicks on the linked page, the suspect can steal the victim’s bank account, password and other personal information to further commit fraud.In order to collect the “five blessings”, some people will search and buy the “five blessings” online, and the cheater takes advantage of this to publish the sale information online.Once a victim searches for the information, the swindler will induce the other party to add QQ, wechat and other friends, and then ask the victim to send different amounts of red envelopes, and said that after receiving the red envelope cash “fu ka.”In fact, not only will the swindler not cash the “fuka” after receiving the red envelope, he will immediately delete or block the victim.The scammer poses as an acquaintance and sends a text message to the victim claiming to have “five blessings” with a link attached.When the victim clicks on the link, the suspect will steal the victim’s information to carry out the fraud.The police remind 1. Do not buy “blessing” from strangers, selling “blessing” may be just a means of fraud designed by criminals;2. Do not easily add unknown friends, beware of latent lawbreakers;3. Do not scan strangers’ “fu” card links easily, which are likely to be embedded with Trojan virus to steal the victim’s personal information.Forward!Remind people around you!Fuzhou public Security has built a social security prevention and control system and built a “safety net” for the people.