Shandong basketball management center held an important meeting, famous guests to attend, Gong Xiaobin absence or a more difficult task

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Important meeting management center of shandong, the legend, gong xiabin absent or have a more difficult task during the Spring Festival has faded away, each work has returned to normal, prepare for the cba three-stage game most teams have begun to regroup, began to adjust tactics, reinforcing team, the first two stages of shandong men’s basketball team average overall performance,15-13 in the row ranked tenth, actually such results have been many gap with last season, shandong men’s basketball team won last season regular season 5 grades, the obvious decline in performance, team and the performance decline, and the team’s coaching staff and the change of management has a lot to do, shandong men’s basketball team coach is Xu Changsuo this season,Xu Changsuo in the field command, player training, tactical system and personality charm and other aspects of the previous coach Gong Xiaobin gap is not small, perhaps this is the main reason for the poor performance of shandong men’s basketball team this season, in fact, before the poor performance of Shandong men’s basketball team when the fans called for the return of Gong Xiaobin.But for the moment Xu Changsuo job is relatively stable, the Spring Festival just over shandong basketball also came the latest dynamic, as the solid foundation to do a good job of preparation for the new period, to translate training business seminar system into practice, management center in east China’s shandong province has an important meeting, to prepare a new cycle of fitness is victory will be the business conference as the theme,Around this theme each coach has carried on the discussion for the department, to participate in the seminar there are provincial basketball management center leadership team members, all levels of coaching team also participated in the meeting, it is concerned that shandong men’s basketball two famous star Ji Minshang and Yang Wenhai attended the meeting.Everyone is familiar with Ji Minshang, who used to be the deputy director of Shandong Basketball Management Center and the leader of U19 in last year’s National Games. Meanwhile, her main work is also focused on women’s basketball. After shandong High-speed Men’s Basketball team took over Shandong men’s basketball team last year, Ji Minshang left the club.Meanwhile, Yang Wenhai, the assistant coach of Shandong men’s basketball team last season, also left the club after shandong High-speed Men’s basketball team took over.He also returned to the management center in east China’s shandong province, wen-hai Yang have an important job at the same time, it is a Chinese basketball assistant coach, is manager Du Feng right-hand man, in fact besides JiMin still and wen-hai Yang of the two outside have a handsome handsome have to mention, that is the exploits of shandong handsome gong xiabin, gong xiabin is the President of the shandong province basketball association President,Is also a province, deputy director of the management center, from the perspective of the identity of gong xiabin, he should attend the meeting, but as free and unfettered king’s personality doesn’t attend the meeting is not strange, will not affect his contribute to China’s basketball and shandong, gong xiabin is shandong province sports bureau staff monthly, his future for a period of time may have a more important task,The more important task is to help shandong youth basketball development to make a contribution.After gong xiabin ever attended in the youth of cba competition held in jinan, also broke out on the Internet before gong xiabin in specially trained a small yao said the Zhang Ziyu, Zhang Ziyu everybody is not very familiar with, Zhang Ziyu only 16 years old this year, but his height is up to 2 m 29, have to say Zhang Ziyu had gong xiabin prior training,I believe that his future development will have a great future, in the playing period Gong Xiaobin is known to the spirit of the comprehensive, I believe that the 16-year-old zhang Ziyu will be able to learn the king of the free act, the future of the offensive power will greatly increase.Look forward to Gong Xiaobin in the future youth coaching can have outstanding performance, but also look forward to the past one of the five tiger generals Ji Minshang and Yang Wenhai can cultivate more basketball talent, at the same time, more hope that these three famous shandong basketball team one day can lead shandong men’s basketball team to win the CBA championship.