Eleven new locally confirmed cases were reported in Shenzhen on Thursday, and the source of the outbreak remains unclear.

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Eleven new locally confirmed cases were reported in Shenzhen on Thursday, and the source of the outbreak remains unclear.The latest wave of outbreaks in Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Tianjin did not seem to have an exact source, but only a rough source.According to the epidemiological report, the first known case is a dental mold designer of a company in Shiyan Street, Bao ‘an District, Shenzhen city, who lives in Dongguan.On the evening of January 30, when she visited the fever Clinic of South China Hospital affiliated to Shenzhen University, nucleic acid samples were initially screened positive.On January 31, shenzhen disease control center recheck also for positive.After her, seven new cases have been reported in Shenzhen.Extreme news reporters noted that four new cases were reported in Baoan, Nanshan and Guangming.On the morning of February 3, the Epidemic prevention and control headquarters of Baoan District in Shenzhen issued a notice to implement traffic control on all roads (except high-speed transit) leading into and out of Shiyan Street, and implemented traffic control measures on some streets.Jimunews reporters contacted a number of shiyan street businesses, restaurant owner Mr. Jin (surname) said that due to the impact of the epidemic, his restaurant temporarily closed.”Three rounds of nucleic acid tests have been done so far. Let’s hope the outbreak passes as soon as possible.”Kim told The Newspaper that his restaurant is expected to resume business gradually on June 6, but the exact date depends on the situation of the epidemic prevention and control.Another resident, Ms. Li, said she has now done five rounds of nucleic acid, although some roads have been blocked, but at present there is enough food at home, temporarily not too much impact.Jimong News reporters learned from the Baoan District epidemic prevention and control headquarters that the time of lifting the control of the relevant controlled roads in Shiyan Street is not yet clear, and it is necessary to wait for the comprehensive assessment of the epidemic prevention and control situation in the later stage, so people can pay attention to the local epidemic prevention and control news.It is worth noting that the source of the current outbreak in Shenzhen has not yet been identified.