Seven-year-old girl watched as her mother was stabbed 56 times and her death sentence was commuted, but her mother never woke up

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On February 17, 2022, the family of the victim of the murder of his former girlfriend with 56 knives in Nanchong, Sichuan province, revealed that the court has made a final judgment, revoking the “suspended death sentence” in the first instance, and sentenced the defendant Qu Jiang to death.In June 2020, qu Jiang, a man in Nanchong, Sichuan province, brutally killed his former girlfriend Gu Cuifang with a knife. The victim suffered 56 wounds all over her body and died on the spot.Her seven-year-old daughter was there when she was killed.Gu Cuifang, who was 35 when she was killed, ran a nail salon and was raising a daughter after a divorce.She and Qu, who was married at the time, met at a class reunion in 2018 and had a crush on each other.In 2019, Qu jiang divorced gu Cuifang, and they changed their relationship from lover to public lover.But after getting along with two people produce discord, Gu Cuifang put forward to break up for many times, but qu Jiang refused.Gu Cuifang has been harassed, followed and even threatened with life by Qu Jiang.During this period, Gu Cuifang reported to the police four times for fear of killing people, but after the police criticized Qu Jiang, Qu Jiang did not change his mind again and again, and still pester Gu Cuifang.Over time, Qu Jiang finds that he cannot shake Gu Cuifang’s determination to break up, so he suspects gu Cuifang of cheating and fooling him, resulting in divorce and debt.Resentful Qu Jiang had the idea of killing, he secretly match gu Cuifang’s home key, take the crime tools prepared in advance, in the early hours of June 2, 2020 from the roof into gu Cuifang’s house.At that time, Gu Cuifang and her child were asleep in bed. Qu Jiang pulled the switch and opened the door. Without avoiding the child, he directly picked up the kitchen knife and stabbed his former girlfriend, while Gu Cuifang’s daughter was scared to death.Gu cuifang, who was unable to fight back, was stabbed 56 times in the head, shoulder, limbs, abdomen and back, and lost vital signs at the scene due to blood loss.Qu Jiang then fled in a hurry.Gu cuifang’s daughter recalled that her mother was lying in a pool of blood and she could not wake up. She eventually went to a neighbor to call the police for help.Police arrested Qu the next day, and the trial was held on November 24 and December 30, 2020.In the first instance, based on the fact that Qu Jiang killed gu Cuifang with a knife and repeatedly disturbed her, the court ruled that Qu Jiang was punished for several crimes.However, because he confessed on the spot, truthfully confessed and had a good attitude towards confession, the court could give him a lighter punishment according to the law. In addition, the court recognized that the case was caused by a love and marriage dispute, so it took it into consideration when sentencing, and finally sentenced Qu Jiang to a suspended death sentence.The second trial began on December 3, 2021.The younger brother of Gu Cuifang, the victim, said residents of the community where the murder took place had written a petition saying they could not accept the results of the first trial and wanted Qu to be punished.Since the verdict, the family has been overshadowed, especially Gu cuifang’s daughter, who now lives with her parents.She saw her mother killed at the time of the murder, and she’s already traumatized.After the accident, her mental state began to be not good, her personality also changed from extrovert to introvert, and she could not concentrate easily. Her school performance also declined.The verdict of the second trial no longer identified the case as a “love and marriage dispute”, because Qu Jiang had made full preparations for the crime and escape tools before committing the crime, and it was already a premeditated crime, rather than a “murder by mistake”.Its crime means, criminal circumstances are extremely cruel, so the sentencing will not be light punishment, the court will be sentenced to death according to law.Part of the material from the paper, upstream news