Zhenping County Gaoqiu town: iron hand law enforcement to rob and build again lift “1050” rectification new climax

2022-05-11 0 By

After the promotion of zhenping County rural environment “1050” special offensive action, Gaoqiu town acted quickly, around the goal of “eliminate the stock, curb the increment”, maintain the high pressure situation of illegal construction, private construction bank, rural environment remediation “1050” special offensive action lifted a climax again.On March 16, the Gaoqiu town government led the county seat law enforcement Bureau, police station, town comprehensive law enforcement team, town administration and organ cadres of nearly 80 people, using one day to focus on the county road Sun Pipeline Xianshimiao section, Gaoheixian Liu Fen section road on both sides of the demolition and renovation of illegal buildings.The illegal construction on both sides of the xianshimiao section of the county road Sun Pipeline and The Liufen section of the Gaohei Line was removed in an orderly manner.It is a typical case of gaoqiu town rural environmental management “1050” special action plan, but also an important measure to further promote the “1050” special rectification action work, pulled out the nails to thin the blocking point, biting down the hard bone in the battle.At one stroke, we will change the undesirable situation of private building and wanton occupation of public space, beautify our homes, create a clean, orderly, harmonious and beautiful environment, and further enhance the people’s sense of happiness and gain.(Liu Zhenwei and Wang Yibing)