Gout attack is too painful, the reason is not all seafood and beer, 3 kinds of food should not eat often

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There are two big “beasts” on the road of gout, one is seafood, the other is beer, I believe we all know this, usually can do as much as possible to avoid eating, but, some people clearly rarely eat these two foods, why gout still attack, and the situation is very serious, I wish to cut off my toes.Chen is a tall, muscular student who weighs 180 kg. Every gout attack is so painful that he is said to cry when his fingernail is lightly scratched against his skin when the pain hits.That night gout broke out again, torturing him so that he did not sleep well all night. He finally got through the night and went to the hospital with his mother as soon as it was light.The doctor felt very strange, this patient is still a student, how gout is so serious, do you usually have any bad habits?Chen said that he does not drink alcohol and does not like seafood, but his father has gout and he usually prefers drinks rather than water.Combined with his fat figure, doctors soon found the cause.Chen students should not only take medicine to reduce acid, pain, but also get rid of the habit of drinking drinks, the doctor suggested that he usually thirsty with warm water to quench his thirst, but also told it to actively exercise, the weight down.There are several milk tea shops at the gate of the school. Every time after school, children can be seen queuing up to buy milk tea and drinks. Some children not only drink milk tea by themselves, but also invite their classmates to drink it.In their eyes, the drink tastes sweet and tastes great, which makes them feel good after drinking.And treating each other to drink milk tea is also a way to enhance friendship between students, we all do it.However, the sugar content in the drink is very high, and some businesses will add more sugar than the standard. The sugar in a cup of milk tea exceeds the daily intake, and sugar will affect the uric acid metabolism, and over time, the uric acid value in the body will increase. If you drink more than two cups of drinks every day, the probability of gout will be 85% higher than ordinary people.In winter, people like to make soup to nourish their body. For example, There are many famous soups in Guangdong, and the local people also like to eat fish and seafood. If they often eat seafood soup and meat soup, the uric acid in their body will rise easily.It is to drink soup likewise, some soup is helpful for excretion uric acid, for example vegetable soup, the soup that boils out does not contain purine almost, can rest assured drink, some vegetables still have diuretic effect, for example wax gourd, white radish.In addition, the soup time should not be too long, especially meat, cooked, not more than two hours.③ When eating hot pot, some patients pay attention to their diet, do not dare to touch wine and seafood, drink less, usually eat very light, as a result, or uric acid increased, originally because usually like to eat mushrooms.In terms of purine content, mushrooms belong to the category of limited consumption, which does not mean that they cannot be eaten at all, but also cannot be eaten with an open stomach.In winter, many people love to eat hot pot, most of them will order a plate of mushroom plate, delicious taste and nutrition.If your uric acid level is already high, it’s best not to eat too much.There are many pits and traps on the road to preventing gout, and avoiding alcohol and seafood is not enough. The three foods mentioned above should also be paid attention to, and should not be overeaten.Gout attack aches badly, how should be good?A man in Guiyang suffered from gout at night and made an irrational act of cutting off a piece of meat from his toe with a sharp knife. The result was not only not stopping the pain, but also making himself more miserable.Here’s how to relieve the pain: First, put a folded quilt on the bed. Put the sore area on it. If your head and toes hurt, put your feet on the quilt as high as you can.Then ask your family to find ice cubes and put them on your feet. If you don’t have ice, fill an empty bottle with running water and put it in the fridge for a few minutes, or wet a towel and put it in the fridge before taking it out.If you have painkillers at home, you can take one immediately, relax your mood, relax your muscles, watch a video to divert your attention, and see a doctor after dawn.If the pain is extremely severe, it can be treated by emergency treatment.Gout attacks are painful, but you can’t take extreme measures. You have to be sensible.In the future, we should manage our diet well, take medicine on time, drink more water, enhance metabolism and try to lose weight so as to keep our body healthy.[1] How to deal with acute outbreak of Gout during Spring Festival?A big-name expert.2021-02-07[2] Man gout hair effect Boning knife cut a piece of meat, the result almost lost his toe.[3] “It hurts so much I want to chop my feet off!”18-year-old student tortured by Gout for 4 years![4] Guangdong ranks first in gout incidence in China: Is Laohuo Liangtang the culprit?2020-10-25# Healthy in the Year of the Tiger #