Lung cancer excises partial lung, can such meeting cause an effect to the body?What treatment does lung cancer have?

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The incidence and mortality of lung cancer in various malignant tumors are increasing rapidly, posing a great threat to human health and life.Surgical therapy is still the first choice and primary treatment for lung cancer, and it is the only treatment that can cure lung cancer.Through surgery, the primary focus of lung cancer and lymph node metastasis, lung cancer in the clinical sense of radical cure, the vast majority of tumors can be surgically excised.So, lung cancer excised a part of lung, can cause what effect to human body?What effect does lung cancer excise part lung have?The lungs are located in the chest and consist of the left and right lungs, which are not perfectly symmetrical.On the left, there are two upper and lower lobes, and on the right, there are three upper, middle and lower lobes.Generally speaking, the removal of a lung has no effect on the human body.If the tumor is limited to one lobe and the rest are normal, segmentectomy cannot be performed.If one lobe has been affected, surgery on multiple lung segments is required.The patient’s age, physical condition, medical history and other factors will affect the patient’s pneumonectomy.If it is the elderly with heart disease, the pulmonary function will be affected to some extent after the pulmonary resection, which may lead to the occurrence of some postoperative syndromes.What treatment does lung cancer still have?1, chemotherapy chemotherapy is a common method for the treatment of lung cancer, 90% of lung cancer need radiotherapy, for small cell lung cancer has a good effect, a few early lung cancer can be cured by chemotherapy.In addition, non-small cell lung cancer can be treated by chemotherapy, which can shorten the scope of tumor, prolong the life of patients and improve the quality of life of patients.Chemotherapy can be divided into adjuvant chemotherapy and chemotherapy treatment. According to different tumor histological characteristics, different chemotherapy drugs and regimens are selected reasonably.However, chemotherapy has a certain impact on the human body. While killing cancer cells, it will also cause damage to normal cells, requiring chemotherapy under the guidance of doctors.2. Radiotherapy radiotherapy has a good effect on small cell lung cancer. In addition to the primary tumor, the mediastinal area of lymph node metastasis should also be considered as the target of radiotherapy, and drugs should be used.Squamous cancer cells are generally less sensitive to radiation, mainly manifested as local infiltration and slow metastasis, so radical therapy is generally used.Adenocarcinoma is less sensitive to radiation and tends to metastasize in the bloodstream, so radiotherapy alone is not advisable.Radiotherapy is a topical treatment that requires a combination of chemotherapy.According to the treatment purpose, radiotherapy includes: radical radiotherapy, palliative radiotherapy, preoperative neoadjuvant radiotherapy, postoperative adjuvant radiotherapy, endovascular radiotherapy, etc.Radiation pneumonia, radiation myelitis, pulmonary fibrosis and esophagitis are all common complications in the course of radiotherapy.After lung cancer resection, we should pay attention to comprehensive nursing, regular review, to understand the recovery of the lung.During this time to eat more light food, do not eat too much food, can do some functional exercise to exercise their breathing function, promote local blood circulation.At the same time, to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, build confidence to overcome the disease.In addition, to quit smoking, avoid exposure to second-hand smoke, can not stay in a high pollution environment for a long time, the newly built houses to maintain ventilation for more than half a year, haze days had better not go out, go out to wear a mask.