American family adopts Baby girl from China, returns to China 20 years later: I just want to tell them I’m happy

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In 1994, a Chinese couple abandoned their newborn daughter in order to have a son. Five months later, an American couple adopted her and brought her to the United States. The girl grew up and became a student at Yale University.On the morning of September 14, 1994, Ms. Yuan, from Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province, went to visit a friend’s house. On the tardlet between the first and second floors of a residential building on Nanmen Street, Ms. Yuan saw a package lying on the ground, which seemed to show a baby’s small face.Ms. Yuan thought it was a doll at first and didn’t care. But when she was about to leave, she suddenly noticed that the package moved slightly. Ms. Yuan quickly looked back and found that the original package contained a alive baby.Who would put a child that small on the ground?Ms. Yuan waited for a while, and no one appeared, she realized that this may be an abandoned baby, can not bear the child so lying on the ground, Ms. Yuan took the baby back home.Back home, Ms. Yuan opened the package and found a piece of paper with the baby’s birth date: 9:30 a.m. on Aug. 5, 1994.It was a baby girl, dressed in a light pink dress, just over 40 days old according to the date of birth on the note. In addition to the note, there was a bag of milk powder.Ms. Yuan simply checked, the baby crying loud, sound limbs, can not see what is wrong, so good children, how parents to throw it away?Looking at the baby’s tender little face, Ms. Yuan was very unbearable, immediately want to stay with their own adoption, but calm down to think that they already have a child, unable to handle the adoption procedures, the future will bring a lot of trouble to the child’s school, Ms. Yuan gave up the idea of adoption.After a simple tidied up, Ms. Yuan sent the baby girl to the local police station.After the police failed to find the baby’s parents, the girl was sent to the Zhenjiang Social welfare Institute.The staff of zhenjiang welfare home named the baby Zhou Jiangwen in accordance with the order that the welfare home used to name the baby every year according to one hundred family names.Little Zhou Jiangwen is cute and cute. She smiles at everyone and is very popular in the welfare home.Zhou jiangwen lived in a welfare home for five months.In late 1994, an American couple, Brenda Coulter and her husband from Boston, came to Jiangsu province to adopt a Chinese child.At zhenjiang, Brenda Kalter and her husband liked zhou jiangwen so much that, after going through strict adoption procedures, the American couple brought Zhou back to the United States in January 1995, where she has had a home ever since.Brenda Kalter and her husband, a caring couple, adopted Zhou jiangwen and, a few years later, another Chinese girl in Jiujiang, Jiangxi province, China. Along with several orphans they adopted in the United States, Zhou grew up with her siblings in the United States.Zhou’s American adoptive parents, Brenda Coulter, are both highly educated and her MIT-educated mother is a lawyer.Brenda Coulter not only raised her children, she also valued the development of their character. She understood, respected and took pride in them. She once told Zhou jiangwen, “I want my daughters to be happy, smart and healthy.”Such education created Zhou Jiangwen optimistic, open-minded, tolerant character.After graduating from high school, Zhou jiangwen was admitted to Yale University, one of the most famous universities in the United States, and became an excellent college student.Ms. Brenda Coulter, like her adopted daughter, Zhou Jiangwen, was adopted as a child and didn’t find her birth parents until she was 20, so she understands that everyone wants to know where they come from and to find their roots. She wants her adopted children to find their birth parents and their homes.Brenda says zhou jiangwen has grown up and become an excellent girl, and she is proud of her.Brenda hopes to find Zhou’s birth parents soon so they can see how wonderful their daughter is, how healthy, cheerful and happy she is.She said she was grateful to her biological parents for giving birth to such a lovely girl, and she hoped Zhou’s biological parents “would feel Brenda’s gratitude to them for adopting Zhou.”Zhou jiangwen can remember being told by her adoptive mother Brenda Coulter that she was Chinese and that she should be proud of being Chinese.She gave Zhou Jiang Wen a Chinese class to learn Chinese and learn about Chinese culture. She helped her daughter choose east Asian Studies as her major in college, so that she could learn about the history of her country and be proud of its time-honored civilization.Under the education of Brenda Karter, Zhou jiangwen not only excelled in her studies, but also developed a cheerful, confident and optimistic personality.When She was in her teens, Brenda Coulter took Zhou jiangwen on trips to China. They toured the country and zhou was impressed by its beautiful landscape.2009, Brenda, Carl, with 15 Zhou Jiangwen come to zhenjiang, they returned to the original Zhou Jiangwen adoption of zhenjiang welfare homes, hoping to find useful clues to help find biological parents Zhou Jiangwen, but unfortunately, the welfare home at that time in addition to the zhang notes are written on Zhou Jiangwen date of birth, did not find any effective information,Two people can only regret to leave.In 2010, Zhou jiangwen read a story in a Boston newspaper about three Chinese girls who had been adopted by An American family and returned to work as volunteers in the same institution where she had lived. She realized that there were many other children around the world who had gone through the same experience, and she got the idea to connect these children.In 2011, 17-year-old Zhou Jiangwen and another Chinese girl adopted by American families formed a group called “China’s international children”, they called for more Chinese children adopted by foreign families, more than 4000 people, they regularly organize activities, learning Chinese together, back to volunteer in China, looking for relatives.Brenda Coulter proudly said that adopting Zhou jiangwen was the happiest thing that ever happened to her because she was so amazing.In 2016, Zhou Jiangwen, now a sophomore at Yale University, was going to Taipei as an exchange student for a semester. Together with another girl from Xinjiang province who had been adopted by an American family, she decided to leave early and return to China first, planning to use the summer vacation to find her relatives.Before her departure, Zhou posted her birth information on weibo, hoping to enlist the help of well-wishers in China.’We are Chinese children adopted by an American family and we want to return to China to find our roots,’ Ms. Zhou wrote under her birth information.We want to know what it was like at the very beginning of our lives, and we want our biological parents to know that we are happy now.Zhou Jiangwen microblogging is issued, the jiangsu a media attention, according to a journalist Zhou Jiangwen weibo left’s date of birth, through the survey on August 5, 1994 at half past eight, a man named Du Liqin women gave birth to a baby girl in a hospital in zhenjiang, the production date and maternal Zhou Jiangwen on weibo left perfectly match of date of birth.The reporter immediately found Du Liqin and her husband yan Sanhong through the woman’s contact information left at the hospital at the time, and the couple admitted that they had indeed sent their newborn daughter away.Du liqin said a friend of her husband’s was unable to have children, so the couple decided to give him their newborn daughter.At that time, they agreed to put the baby on the tardigan of a building in Zhenjiang Nanmen Dajie. It is unknown why the friend did not take the baby away.The couple knew nothing about what happened when Yuan handed the baby over to the police station and then to a welfare home before it was adopted and brought to the United States by Brenda Kalter, an American mother, more than five months later.Reporters immediately contacted Zhou jiangwen to tell her that her birth parents had been found.Zhou Jiangwen, 22, met her biological parents for the first time in the video after being brokered by reporters.Released from Zhou Jiangwen weibo to locate in jiangsu reporter to find her biological parents, less than a week’s time, all this like a dream, let Zhou Jiangwen suddenly a bit by surprise, wondering why my parents will take her until she abandoned, when parents now suddenly appeared in the video, the 22-year-old girl some at a loss.On July 31, 2016, Zhou Jiangwen flew from the United States to Nanjing, where she was about to meet her birth parents.Along the way, Zhou Jiangwen’s heart is very complicated, there are excited, there are expectations, and a trace of entanglement.Zhou Jiangwen thought for a long time the question has been lingering in her heart, how was I abandoned?Is not their own what do not do good enough, mom and dad just don’t like me?Will they be proud of me now?Zhou jiangwen had been so eager to meet her biological parents and get their love, but when it came time to meet them, she hesitated.She’s worried that she’s not good enough, that she’s letting them down. Will they love me?The plane flew at a height of ten thousand meters, Zhou Jiangwen’s heart also seemed to hang in the air, uneasy.At this time, waiting outside the airport yan Sanhong husband and wife’s heart than Zhou Jiangwen entanglements, they do not know how to face the daughter will meet, hope and guilty psychology intertwined, mixed emotions.Passengers emerged from the gate as the plane slowly descended.Du Liqin instantly recognized his daughter in the crowd. Tears blurred his eyes and his hands were tightly clasped across the railing of the airport.Along the way, Yan Sanhong always dare not look into her daughter’s eyes, he has always been silent, he knows that any words are pale.Sensible Zhou Jiangwen saw the parents’ eyes of regret, she gently said: I don’t hate you.But when her mother told her they weren’t abandoning her, just giving her away to a good family, Zhou couldn’t contain herself. She put her head down, covered her face and burst into tears: “I’ve been studying Chinese so hard and I’ve been wanting to find you.”Father Yan Sanhong has been silent also shed tears, he finally said the words held in the heart for a long time: “Dad sorry you.”Zhou jiangwen shook her head. “It doesn’t matter. I’m fine.”Her father held Zhou jiangwen’s suitcase and her mother held her daughter’s arm as they approached each other cautiously, trying to bridge the 22 years between them.Zhou followed her parents back to her hometown, where she met her two sisters and younger brother and was jokingly asked “do you hate your brother?”She said, “Why hate?I don’t.”Zhou jiangwen says her adoptive parents taught her to be grateful.She says she is grateful to everyone who helped her: the good samaritans who picked her up and took her into care; the aunts who took care of her for more than five months; and Brenda Kalter, the American foster parents who raised her.Accompanied by her parents, Zhou Jiangwen once again back to zhenjiang welfare homes, this time she witnessed the adoption profiles, have also seen the ms Brenda, Karl, in order to adopt her sign a paper commitment: China has a long history, Chinese people have a hard quality, we can adopt a child in China, it is our pleasure.I have a regular income, and I am convinced that I can be a good mother. I will do my best to raise and nurture this child.I would never mistreat her, and I would never abandon her.I will try my best to give her a good life and let her receive a good education. I hope I can fulfill my wish.Twenty-two years later, Brenda Kalter, an American mother, has kept her promise. Under her upbringing, her adopted daughter Zhou Jiangwen has grown into a person she can be proud of. She is cheerful, confident, always grateful, and her sweet smile infuses everyone around her.After spending more than ten days together with her parents, Zhou jiangwen went back to continue her studies, and she took a photo with her parents in front of the house.Back at school, Zhou jiangwen changed her Chinese name from Zhou Jiangwen to Yan Jiangwen, a moment when there was no more space in her life.China promulgated the Adoption Law on December 29, 1991, opening the door for foreigners to adopt Chinese orphans.Among countries that adopt Chinese orphans, American families have adopted the most Chinese children, with more than 100,000 Chinese orphans now living in the United States, according to statistics.Most of these Chinese orphans are girls.Due to historical reasons, in some areas of our country some people in the concept of son preference is still more serious, resulting in some girls were abandoned by their biological parents at birth.The United States has a long tradition of adopting foreign orphans, especially after World War II, when the United States adopted a large number of foreign war orphans.The United States has long had a low fertility rate and a high rate of late marriage and childbearing, leaving many families childless.The process for adopting a native child is complicated and takes up to five years.All this has led more and more American families to turn their attention to Chinese orphans.Americans have never had a preference for boys, preferring to adopt girls, who make up nearly 90 percent of Chinese adoptions.These hundreds of thousands of Chinese children living in the United States, although the life is secure, receive good education, but in their heart, “home” is still the heart of everyone.In recent years, more and more Chinese children have returned to China to seek their relatives. They are eager to know where they come from, to find their relatives, to find their roots and to uncover the mystery of their origins.After all, for everyone, not knowing one’s birth is a regret in life.’My Chinese parents gave me life, and my American parents raised me,’ Ms. Zhou said. ‘I have two homes. I’m grateful to them.But she still wonders sometimes, why did you drop me?Am I good enough now?Will I be the kid that makes you proud?