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Happy New Year, the Year of the Tiger!The day before yesterday was the first day of Chinese New Year, and also the first day of the “Stay in Hefei for Chinese New Year free Tour” campaign.With the first ray of sunshine in the Year of the Tiger, did you and your family come out to play?Warm Hefei is always with you, whether it’s friends from other places who stay fat for the Spring Festival, or local residents who travel with their families.With the warm sunshine on the morning of the first day of the first lunar Month, the “humanistic Feixi One-day Tour” started its new journey. Along the way, everyone laughed and laughed, and was very lively.Mr. Li Jiawen, director of feixi Cultural tourism Bureau, welcomed the first group of tourists to sanhe Scenic spot and presented them with hand gifts.Thank you very much for the cultural and tourism bureau organized the humanities Feixi route, let us feel the New Year is not the same as hefei, but also let our holiday life rich and colorful.Although it was winter, we were moved by the warm service of cultural and tourism workers. The warm reception and warm medical service (providing medicine for carsick guests) in all scenic spots made us feel the warmth of spring.The humanities feixi line products sanhe snacks, authentic Feixi old mother chicken soup, and the traditional four famous ceremony with a new understanding of Hefei, feixi has a new understanding, thank the bureau of culture and Tourism to provide us with a different taste of the New Year.”In order to let the general public and stay fat friends can have a special and warm Spring Festival, from February 1 (first day) to February 6 (sixth day), Hefei launched 15 “one-day tour” boutique routes, and launched a 6-day “Spring Festival stay Hefei free tour” activities.Does this “Spring Gift pack” warm you?Come and clock in together, and feel the “wenli Wenqi” of Hefei in a “Nian Nian Qi”!Source: Wenlv Feixi