Harden and Simmons swap owners, nets really bleeding?

2022-05-13 0 By

The NBA trading day ended at 4 a.m., and the deals involved multiple teams.Of course, it was Harden who got the most attention. Harden was traded to Millsap to the 76ers, and Simmons, Curry and Trang were traded to the Nets.There’s a lot of media commentary that the nets lost money on this trade, but I don’t think so.Why I don’t think so, because the nets lineup has existed for two top scorer, a Kevin durant, a Michael Owen, at the last critical moment, the two have reliable scoring ability, this is no way to deny, but the nets now lack is a what person, is like a warrior, the role of green have height can pass the ball,Simmons fits that bill and can connect the team well, and Irving and Durant will be more comfortable.Not to mention the addition of Jon Zhuang and Steph Curry, who not only provide perimeter firepower, but also add rebounding protection, I think the Nets are worth the trade.On the other hand, the 76ers, harden’s addition, can very well relieve the pressure for the Lakers. When the Lakers are double-teamed, Harden can fully show his scoring ability, and his organization ability is also good, so for the 76ers, of course, also complement.