“Jump high, see far” yuelu district “public trampoline” year of the Tiger endowed with new energy

2022-05-13 0 By

On the morning of February 16th, the first council meeting of Yuelu Special Zone branch of Hunan Gymnastics Association public trampoline Professional Committee was held in sihui Hall of Yuelu Amateur Sports School in Changsha.Meeting presided over by the yuelu district amateur sports school principal BiJuMei, yuelu district branch of Mr Wang work of the branch of the deployment of labor division, executive director of the branch XiaoYan, jackyang, long tan, Wu Xiaoming, yuelu district public trampoline project director ji-yun liu and tencent education city, a partner at hunan day day up information technology co., LTD., general manager of radar and sweet, attended the meeting.At the meeting, we had a heated discussion on the form and rules of the public trampoline scoring competition in THE SPECIAL Zone, and decided to start the public trampoline online scoring competition (bi-weekly competition, monthly competition and perennial competition) from March.In June, there will be an offline points competition (arranged in the district gymnastics analogy competition);The finals of the second half of the year and the district campus football league finals in the form of Mosaic;The top three finalists will represent DC in the provincial competition.The company will provide network platform and information technology to promote the popular trampoline scoring mode of Yuelu SPECIAL Zone to the whole province, and Yuelu Special Zone will also contribute yuelu experience in the exploration of regular sports competitions.It is reported that the hunan Provincial Gymnastics Association public trampoline professional committee will hold a public trampoline teaching evaluation activity in April this year.Yuelu SPECIAL Zone branch will organize PE teachers in yuelu special Zone to participate in this teaching evaluation activity.With the efforts of all the members of the club and the strong support from all walks of life, the public trampoline will empower more teenagers, and the church, practice, regular competition will become the normal school sports.”Jump happy, jump high, see far”, together to the future.[Editor: Wang Dehe][Source: New Hunan client]