Public security Hedong Branch investigated and dealt with a case of illegal storage of dangerous substances

2022-05-13 0 By

In order to thoroughly implement Xi Jinping’s thought on ecological civilization and the concept of people-centered development, combined with the study of Party history education and the education of political and legal personnel to rectify the practice of “I do practical things for the people”, on the eve of the Spring Festival, in order to ensure that the local people can spend a healthy, safe and civilized year,Hedong of public security bureau earnest implementation of the municipal government office of the tianjin municipal people’s congress standing committee about the decision of the ban on fireworks “and district party committee, the district government work requirements, and the municipal public security bureau for days, the area under its jurisdiction illegal production, transportation, storage, management, fireworks and other kinds of illegal behavior, continuous jolt, eliminate safety hidden danger in time.During the period, the branch changzhou road police station continued to expand the results of the war, recently, once again investigated an illegal storage of dangerous substances case, seized all kinds of fireworks and firecrackers a total of 14 boxes.On January 29, police in Changzhou Road, Hedong Branch of the Public Security Bureau found a man storing a large number of fireworks in a shop in his district. The man was summoned to the public security bureau for further investigation.After police inquiries, the man Zhang Xx (38, the city’s Hedong district) confessed to illegally storing 14 boxes of fireworks.At present, Zhang xx because of illegal storage of dangerous substances, the public security bureau hedong administrative detention for 10 days, illegal storage of fireworks were confiscated in accordance with the law.