The highest amount ever!Us defense spending could exceed $800 billion

2022-05-13 0 By

According to a report on The Rossiya Gazeta website on February 18, the United States, which consistently ranks first in military spending in the world, is set to set a new record in 2023, with defense appropriations exceeding $770 billion.The Biden administration plans to ask Congress for an astronomical amount of funding, the largest in history.Lobbyists for America’s military-industrial complex can rejoice — big arms will once again be super-profitable, the report says.And American taxpayers will sadly watch as military spending increases, adding several more zeros to the ever-increasing national debt.The report noted that when Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, requested $752 billion for the Pentagon in his last year in office, it was harshly criticized as a “war budget.”So who has been the loudest at Trump?That’s right — none other than the Democrats who were out of office at the time.Surprisingly, the current Democratic administration has decided to let the “defense” budget continue to swell.The main beneficiaries of America’s huge budget injection have been state-owned and private defence companies.As a result, lobbyists, the controlled media and politicians with big campaign contributions are desperately hyping up Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and other threats as if the United States, a country with oceans on both sides, is in grave danger.Today, the US national debt is reported to have hit another record high, passing the $30 trillion mark for the first time.Inflation is at 7.5 percent, its highest level in 40 years.Yet American military spending remains sacrosanct (there are hundreds of military bases around the world) and increases every year.According to Reuters, Biden’s $770 billion request would go toward “f-35 fighter jets, tanks, nuclear weapons production programs and other defense Department programs.”All this investment in developing new weapons is aimed at “fighting potential future wars against China and Russia”.Defense Secretary Austin and the White House Office of Management and Budget are working on a final budget that could exceed $800 billion.Also reported by Fars News Agency Tehran on February 17, Mikhail Popov, deputy secretary general of Russia’s National Security Council, said that the United States is using talk of “imminent war” with major powers (mainly Russia) to help Washington justify its huge military spending.”The United States has systematically led to provocations by maintaining the illusion of imminent war with other powers, starting with Russia, as it seeks to justify its massive annual military budget,” the security official said.He stressed that the US leadership believes that with huge military spending it is possible to secure a military presence in all parts of the world.”Those areas became hotbeds of political and military tension,” he said.Source: Reference Information Network