What can parents do if they want their children to grow tall?The doctor frankly says: should eat fluctuation effort

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I took my daughter to the doctor, and there was a girl in line ahead of us.When it was her turn, her mother asked the doctor anxiously: “Doctor, she is only nine years old, short, the weight is close to 100 jin, XB has begun to develop, can she still grow taller?”The doctor asked patiently about the child’s diet.The girl loves noodles and sesame paste, she can’t get enough of them, and she has to eat a big bowl to satisfy her appetite.As for meat, vegetables and fruits, they are rarely consumed.After hearing this, the doctor shook his head and sighed: not children can eat on the line, want children to grow tall, to eat from the effort.The girl’s mother regretted that she was too late to spoil her child.How important is a balanced diet for a child’s physical development?In all my years of teaching, I found that most of the children in my class were tall.Some children are far taller than their parents by grade 5 or 6.This is closely related to the improvement of their nutritional level.Obese and overweight children are also becoming more common.Many children come back from a holiday as soon as they are chubby.Obesity not only affects children’s physical health, but also prevents children from growing taller.Just like the 9-year-old girl mentioned above, her obesity has affected her height growth.The doctor advised her to immediately adjust the diet structure, to a balanced diet, in order to help the growth of height.So, in the children eat, parents should work hard.Want children to grow tall, how to eat a reasonable and balanced diet when it comes to children grow, parents first think of calcium supplements.In fact, calcium alone is not enough.A child’s body needs protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water to grow.One of these nutrients is essential.All of these nutrients are found in our everyday foods, but in limited amounts.Therefore, parents in the cooking, it is necessary to reasonable collocation, as far as possible to let children eat a variety of food.Children are advised to eat an average of 12 or more foods a day and 25 or more foods a week.Variety, children can from different types of food, intake of different nutrients, more conducive to comprehensive nutrition.Parents know they need a balanced diet, but how to make a balanced diet?The Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (CAPP) in the United States launched a nutrition guide, “My Plate,” to solve our nutritional problems.Using this plate pattern, we can match the child’s three meals a day: 30 percent vegetables, 30 percent grains, 20 percent fruit, 20 percent protein, and one portion dairy.When matching, food types should also be diversified, such as vegetables to green vegetables, melons and eggplant to eat, fruit is not the same……Children’s appetite will increase as they keep food fresh.Both appetite and nutrition.With the help of a nutrition guide, it’s all about making delicious, nutritious meals.I used to have no fingers at all, let alone cooking.Even my daughter, who was 3 years old at that time, disliked my cooking, and my daughter was raised thin and small.Bestie gave me a set of “children grow tall diet”.After I cook with her every day, my daughter’s appetite has improved, she has grown taller, and her energy has improved.Her relatives and friends all boast that she has become beautiful, and her daughter always says that her mother’s credit.Now that I think about it, thanks to this recipe book.If it were not for my cooking also do not know how long to delay the children, want to recommend it to not cook, and want to baby food, especially want to let baby grow tall quickly you.The link is below, if you need to start early.When your child is growing tall, there are several good times to miss.For example: before the age of 1, puberty.In these periods, in addition to focusing on the child’s sleep and exercise, diet is also a need to pay attention to.The Kids Grow Taller Diet is an age-specific diet.Parents can find a diet suitable for their children according to their children’s age. They don’t have to worry about what to eat for their children every day, and how to match it is more balanced for their children.Especially in infancy, parents don’t have to worry about what their children can’t eat.Don’t worry about following the recipe, your child can eat happily and grow taller.As a parent, the most afraid of children is sick.Especially the child injection medicine, a long time did not heal, is full of anxiety.Children try not to take medicine when possible.In fact, many small problems can be combined with food therapy.What does the child eat?Had a fever what food can eat?Cough what need to pay attention to on diet…These annoying problems, can be in “children grow tall cookbook” medium “let the child not have a fever do not cough do not accumulate food to grow tall” find the answer.Free video, simple and easy to use “Kids Grow Taller Cookbook” consists of 3 volumes.One of the children’s breakfast recipes, with it, your breakfast is no longer a worry.I have my kids look at recipes and order their own meals every day.What if you’re afraid you can’t do it?If you don’t like the time it takes to read pictures and texts, you can choose to watch videos.Watch the video in advance, prepare the breakfast ingredients, follow the video the next day, watching the children eat with relish, parents also feel a sense of accomplishment.”Breakfast to eat well”, parents to treat oh!Write in the back: Spring has passed, spring is the golden period for children to grow tall, parents, take children outdoors spring, enhance immunity less sick, at the same time, also pay attention to the children’s diet.Make delicious meals for your kids, starting with the Kids Grow Tall Cookbook.Topic of the day: Do you have a good way for your child to grow taller?