Can second liver patient get liver cancer certainly?Do not let liver cancer “target” you, pay attention to 4 aspects

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Our country once was second liver big country, after second liver vaccine is popularized, picked off this hat gradually.But there are still about 86 million hepatitis B carriers, and about 28 million of them have hepatitis B.These patients are affected by the hepatitis B virus in their bodies, which continuously causes liver damage.In the presence of chronic hepatitis B, it may evolve into cirrhosis or even liver cancer.After fish second liver, can you get liver cancer certainly?The answer is not absolutely.Hepatitis B to liver cirrhosis, and then from liver cirrhosis to liver cancer, is indeed a relatively common trilogy of liver cancer.But not all hepatitis B patients follow this path.According to the data, only 0.9 percent of people infected with hepatitis B who have never received treatment will develop cirrhosis, and less than 3 percent of people with chronic hepatitis B will develop cirrhosis.Even if you have cirrhosis of the liver, it does not necessarily lead to liver cancer.The risk of liver cancer among HBV carriers and chronic hepatitis B patients was less than 0.6 percent.After cirrhosis, the risk of liver cancer was less than 4%.If people can actively cooperate with doctors to prevent liver cancer after the emergence of hepatitis B, the risk will be reduced and the liver will be better protected.The liver is a relatively “silent” organ. After the appearance of the lesion, it seldom appears uncomfortable symptoms.This can also make many people miss the chance to find liver cancer.If you already have a problem with hepatitis B, you may want to pay more attention to the four aspects to prevent liver cancer in advance.The first point is to adhere to the regular review of hepatitis B disease for hepatitis B patients, regular hospital review of hepatitis B 50/50, liver function, hepatitis B viral load and alpha-fetoprotein, can further master hepatitis B disease.If some signs of liver cancer appear in the body, they can also be found in regular review, so that effective treatment measures can be taken in time.If you find that you have abnormal signs of liver cancer, you can also screen for liver cancer through liver color ultrasound and liver tissue biopsy, so as to detect and treat liver cancer early.If there is no abnormal result, we should also adhere to the doctor’s advice for standard antiviral treatment, in order to stabilize the condition of hepatitis B.The second point, do not drink, smoking, stimulate the liver and ordinary people compared to hepatitis B patients are more likely to be in an unstable state.If you still smoke and drink after being diagnosed with hepatitis B, you will continue to damage liver cells, which will increase the risk of liver cancer and threaten liver health.Not only that, drinking alcohol may also make the body more sensitive to other carcinogens, increasing the damage to the liver.If you don’t stop drinking in time, the damage will be even greater.Thirdly, use antibiotics, hormones and liver protection drugs with caution. Many people take some liver protection drugs or health care products in order to protect the liver and prevent liver cancer.But such a procedure is likely to increase the burden on the liver, which is more likely to cause damage to liver cells and increase the risk of liver cancer.Fourth, beware of carcinogens hidden in the diet is relatively frugal at ordinary times, often eat leftovers, things are bad but still reluctant to throw away, continue to eat, because of the carcinogens are more likely to bring a greater burden on the liver, so that liver cancer is more likely to occur.If you have a problem with hepatitis B infection and are very worried about developing liver cancer yourself, you can take these steps to prevent liver cancer.In fact, not all hepatitis B patients will get liver cancer, do not want to be targeted by liver cancer, you can also work hard from these aspects.Reference data: 1, patient of slow second liver checks regularly all the time cure, how is sudden liver cancer terminal?2, Note: often do these 4 things, liver cancer will not dare to come to the door.How can it be prevented?·2021-10-19