How about “official baby-taking”?Explore Taurus winter vacation trusteeship point together

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The winter vacation trusteeship has been online, and the children have also started a full, healthy and happy holiday.Learn martial arts, learn programming, play Go, learn to draw…The schools in Chengdu Jinniu District carefully prepared rich activities, rich lunches and wide experience space for the children, all for the children to spend a comfortable and meaningful holiday life in the school.How about “official baby-taking”?On January 21, we made a visit to Taurus winter vacation hosting site, let’s have a look!In Chengdu quanxing Primary School, sports exercise, hand painting, labor practice, calligraphy practice and other winter vacation hosting services are colorful.According to the “four combination” principle, the school plans the trusteeship content: combined with the needs of students’ parents to carry out homework guidance, to help students to complete the winter vacation homework according to the plan, hierarchical;According to the requirements of the year, students’ grade and their own development needs should be fully considered. Group cooperation should be carried out in different areas, and activities should be set up, including games and physical exercises.According to the requirements of students’ re-development, open the school reading room, carry out reading activities, and select suitable reading materials for students to read;Combined with the school’s characteristic projects to carry out characteristic labor courses, in the process of hands-on practice, the children understand the growth process of plants, understand the use of tools such as hoes, establish a sense of labor safety, understand the hard work, but also taste the taste of happiness in labor.Throughout elementary school of chengdu, fully tap the campus environment and resources, make happy experience growth space for the children, the children happy game area to explore in the ground, in the national sport eye pavilion carefree to play table tennis, wanton play in tire positions, climbing wall release the childlike innocence nature, through the experiment with different activities, through different holiday;Shu han of chengdu experimental primary school of foreign languages hosting service winter vacation work leading group, a comprehensive overall planning, service management, security management, and setting up hosting office “winter vacation” to be responsible for the implementation of the curriculum, on duty details such as registration, student safety work, at the same time, reasonable planning, arrangements for children’s physical and mental health of hosting content,Such as physical exercise, homework guidance, specialty training, comprehensive implementation of safety measures;Chengdu Xinqiao Primary School focuses on quality education according to the characteristics of students’ age, setting up programming, shadowplay, art, music, football, basketball, table tennis, oral communication, thinking logic, knowledge development and other diversified contents, so that children can enjoy the holidays….The development of winter vacation hosting services in schools has been well received by parents.”The winter vacation childcare service helps children grow up happily, which is very meaningful,” parents said.It is reported that Jinniu District has launched hosting services for 2022 winter vacation for primary school students in the district, especially to meet the needs of dual-worker families and families with special difficulties.Through the friendship in the primary school of chengdu, chengdu primary school, saddle primary school of chengdu, chengdu experimental primary school, chengdu, chengdu, chengdu primary school day back white fruit wood primary school, xinqiao primary school of chengdu, chengdu shu han eight experimental primary school of foreign languages school setting, hosting for thesis elementary school students winter vacation hosting services,Guide and help students to spend a safe, happy, meaningful holiday, promote the overall healthy growth of students, meet the needs of the majority of parents, reduce the burden of parents.”The winter holiday hosting service adheres to the principle of voluntarism, voluntarism and proximity. Teachers from jinniu District schools were recruited to participate on a volunteer basis, and parents of students signed up voluntarily and participated in the service nearby.”Thesis education bureau relevant controller introduces, winter vacation hosting service mainly care, provide hosting service open classroom, library and school facilities, sports venues and other kinds of resources in good care at the same time, combined with our implementation of the “six” all action plan (that is, the “full, the whole course of moral education, full reading, all movement, all is the United States, all labor”) related content,Reasonably organize and provide some collective game activities, recreational and sports activities, reading guidance, comprehensive practice, interest development, homework guidance and other services.It is understood that, according to the school’s winter holiday arrangement and the principle of “staging in stages”, the winter holiday hosting service of Jinniu District was carried out in three phases, the first phase from January 17 to January 21, the second phase from January 24 to January 28, and the third phase from February 7 to February 11, with the time of daily operation ranging from 8:30 to 17:30.The fees for the winter vacation custody service for primary school students are 40 yuan/life · day (200 yuan in total for each period) (children of frontline anti-epidemic personnel who voluntarily participate in the winter vacation custody service are exempted from the custody service fees), and the lunch fee for students is 15 yuan/life · day (75 yuan in total for each period).(Teaching message of Pan Huanhuan District/photo)