Where did Lord Horse get his three eyes

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Zhang Ailin, a Chinese common-man, would often say, “He’s crazy! You’re not Lord Ma with three eyes!”Or, “If I don’t give you something, you don’t know Lord Ma has three eyes!”I have often heard these two words since I was a child, but I have no idea what kind of god Lord Ma is, and what super powerful powers he has. And I often wonder this strange question: why does Lord Ma have three eyes?After I grew up, I know that there are many legends about Lord Ma, and opinions vary for his identity…But the people of the horse Lord’s identity is taken out of context, think he is in charge of livestock immortal.But this is not important, the important thing is that Lord Ma has three eyes is surprisingly consistent, must really have three eyes.But why does he have three eyes?Once, I put the doubts in my heart to my father, my father told me a story.He said that after Lu Ban had repaired the Zhaozhou Bridge, all the gods in heaven knew that Lu Ban was a great craftsman on earth. In order to verify his bridge building skills, they assigned Zhang Guolao and the King of Chai to do the research.As it went, Zhang Guolao made in his bag the sun, and The King of Chai’s wheelbarrow carried Mount Taihang and Mount Tai. As soon as the two imitants went to Zhaozhou Bridge, the bridge tottered and lu Ban dared to support it with his hands.After crossing the bridge, the two gods saw that the Zhaozhou Bridge had been shaken a few times but was not damaged. They could not help telling the truth to Lu Ban and praising lu Ban’s bridge building skills.This story is passed on as a good story by later generations, the talented people are to write it into ballads, shishixiangode: Zhaozhou bridge is what people repair the jade baluster what people leave what people ride on the donkey bridge what people push a ditch……However, Lu Ban was so ashamed that he said he was ignorant of tai Tai.One eye is just as good as two, so what’s the use of an extra eye?So, in a fit of rage, he pulled his other eye out and threw it on the bridge.Lord Ma happened to be passing by on a business trip. When he saw an eye on the ground, he picked it up curiously and thought, “It’s a pity whose good eye is left here!”So he used magic to press the eye on his forehead until it became three eyes.However, Lu Ban, as a master of his generation, was naturally full of students and plums. However, Lu Ban told his disciples that sometimes one eye could see more accurately than two eyes at critical times.Therefore, the later craftsmen used to close one eye when observing objects!