Winter Olympics first gold: Wang Meng commentary let Huang Jianxiang not on the mouth net friend: too fast, can’t keep up

2022-05-14 0 By

On February 5, Beijing time, the Chinese short track speed skating team won the first gold medal for the Chinese delegation on the first official competition day of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Commentary scene even partner Huang Jianxiang such a level of mouth, Wang Meng still said the speed of skating, commentary scene once Huang Jianxiang can not keep up with wang Meng’s rhythm.Before the start of the game Huang Jianxiang first to introduce the team members, this matter Wang Meng could not keep his mood, straight call to consider the Chinese team’s killing skills.After the Hungarian and Canadian teams fell and were ruled to ski hard in the opening, Wang meng said athletes should ski out of their level, of course on their own track.Subsequently the competition because participate in the competition China team, Canada, Italy, Hungary team slide more anxious, Wang Meng is Shouting: slide up!Slip up!China had a big advantage in the closing stages of the race and Wang meng immediately claimed China’s first gold medal with four laps to go.In the final sprint stage, the Italian players were strong and were about to surpass the Chinese team at the end of the race. At this time, Huang Jianxiang was still waiting for the final result of the race. Wang Meng excitedly repeated: “The Chinese team won, and my eyes are rulers!My eyes are rulers!No need to watch the replay, even by a small margin, but we won!”When the match was over, Wang Meng called out to the friends who watched the live broadcast to stand up and applaud and said that he was one of the lucky generals. At this time, Teacher Huang Jianxiang smiled and agreed: You are the one!You are the one!All of a sudden, Wang Meng changed his voice and asked, “That’s all. Do I still have a game behind me? That’s all.Wang Meng said that he was the blessing of the commentary field, Wang Meng said before the fall of Huang Jianxiang teacher summed up the game, just at this time the audience heard the broadcast room “pa pa pa” the sound of applause, netizens said that this need not ask this must be Wang Meng in applause.Finally, Wang Meng summed up the race: short track red, China red, I believe that the following winter Olympic Games will be more red.