Ceb: Hong Kong has many advantages to rebound

2022-05-15 0 By

View net news: February 25, the Hong Kong business and economic development bureau chief he in online news conference, said while facing the outbreak and the global economy downward pressure on Hong Kong, Hong Kong a total merchandise trade rather than a fall last year, and even hit all-time highs, and not a technical adjustment, the total amount of hk $10 trillion, according to the annual growth of more than 25%.Mr Yau said the coronavirus pandemic had hit Hong Kong’s economy, but if the situation was controlled and stable, the city had many advantages and the ability to bounce back.Last year’s GDP grew by 6.4%, higher than the global growth rate of 5.9%. Reflecting Hong Kong’s economic and trade advantages, Hong Kong can find a way out.Therefore, he said, Hong Kong must overcome the epidemic in order not to suffer economic damage.Eighty per cent of Hong Kong’s trading partners are from the Asia-Pacific region, while 70 per cent are from the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) region, including ASEAN, the Mainland, Japan and The ROK, Mr Yau said, stressing that Hong Kong should continue to focus on these regions and seize opportunities.