Taikang: one day register more than 200 to new appointee staff say although tired but happy in the heart

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On February 10, less than 7 am, Yue Zhihua and his colleagues went to the marriage registration window of the county administrative service center. They opened the computer and checked whether the one-meter noodles were in good condition, preparing for the one-day marriage registration.8 o ‘clock in the morning, to work time, pairs of couples or say or laugh, snuggle up to the service center, in the civil affairs bureau volunteers under the greeting, soon before the marriage registration window lined up a long queue.CAI Helong, 28, is a villager in Dacai Village, Zhukou Town.CAI said he and his partner had been in love for several years, but had not gone through marriage registration procedures because they both used to work outside the home.On the eve of this year’s Spring Festival, he and his wife decided to go to the window to register their marriage after repeated urging from their parents.”After we get the marriage certificate, we will choose a good day to get married.”CAI Helong was beaming.On January 7, CAI made an appointment with civil affairs authorities to register his marriage on January 10 through the APP online booking platform.Five minutes later, CAI and his wife had their marriage certificate glowing red.”Online booking, a success, the work efficiency is really too high.”CAI He long thumbs-up for marriage registration personnel praise said.CAI’s praise comes from the taikang County Civil Affairs Bureau’s preparedness.According to the taikang county civil affairs bureau chief yong-xin liu, during the Spring Festival every year is the peak period of marriage registration, register for the convenience of the masses in a timely manner, on the eve of Spring Festival this year, the county civil affairs bureau in advance from the county bureau deployed 10 soldiers will, after training in the county administrative service center of marriage registration window, help the window for the masses to carry out the work of marriage registration.At the same time, in order to let the marriage registration people less errands, to a can be done, county civil affairs bureau also opened the “marriage registration online booking platform.”As long as people download an APP online booking platform for marriage registration on their mobile phones, they can make an appointment with civil affairs registration officers through the platform without leaving home.”Liu Yongxin said.After the Spring Festival holiday this year, all units began to work.In view of the large number of marriage registration personnel, the registration personnel arrive at the post one hour in advance every day, do not rest at noon, take turns to eat, to ensure that the five marriage registration Windows are not broken, there are always staff.”These days, more than 200 couples register every day.”Yue Zhihua, head of marriage registration window, said with a smile.In order to let every couple can get the marriage certificate in time, the window also carried out delayed registration services, “if to the end of the work time, there are still waiting for the masses, we will arrange people to work overtime, has been finished for all personnel.”Over the past few days, it has become common for the staff to work overtime until seven or eight o ‘clock in the evening every day.The registrars were busy from morning till night, and by the end of the day, everyone was so tired that they couldn’t lift their arms.”We are tired, but when we see the excitement of the people when they get the marriage certificate, our fatigue of the day will be gone.”Yue Zhihua said, and into the tense marriage registration work.Editor: Ma Huixia